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Increase customer responses by 38%

Shorten response time, improve agent performance and
increase customer responses by 38%

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    Computer Telephony Integration

    CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration framework provides unified access to contact center functionalities including both Inbound (screen pop-up) and Outbound (Click-to-Dial) call handling. Computer Telephony Integration provides 360° Customer view by displaying caller profile information, product/case history etc.

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    unified screen-based telephony

    CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration framework offers a direct access to extended telephony functions that enable a comprehensive contact center solution. Based on a Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) framework the CTI directly integrates various telephony solutions with CRM Platform and provides features such as call hold, transfer, conference etc. within the CRM solution.

Outcome based features

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    Automatic Call Wrap-Up

    After call work can take up 1/3rd (30%) to 1/2 (50%) as long as the average call. Wrap-up allows the agents to record the call outcome, transcripts or sale values. Automatic Call Wrap-up provides better uniformity in documentation and generate meaningful analytics.

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    Caller ID & Multiple call support

    Are you still manually dialing telephone numbers, looking up contacts and capturing telephone call information? Perform meaningful tasks as retrieving customer information from a database on the basis of information that caller ID provides.

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    Call history

    Provide personalized services or initiate context specific conversation by reviewing automated call history.

  • Save Time, Reduce Costs and Boost Productivity

    Direct and unified access to extended telephony functions pave the way for increased customer relationships, excellent service levels and customer satisfaction.

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