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Web Experience

Empower your Customers with Personalized Web Self Service Customer service excellence is an expectation, and our Web Experience provides a rich, online customer experience solution for customers to research and purchase products, or resolve issues from any device—from smartphones to the desktop. Enable customers to seamlessly transition from web self-service to assisted e-mail, chat, co-browse, and phone agents. While setting a standard for best-in-class customer service, you will simultaneously increase conversions and lower service costs. Track, manage and resolve issues quickly within your service level agreement (SLA). Delivers high-quality, high-touch experience for customers and empowers them to leverage the collective ecosystem to find solutions and get updates automatically.

Social Experience

Make Social Actionable- 81% of business executives now recognize that effectively leveraging social media creates a great customer experience. Social Experience enables brands to manage social interactions as a fully integrated part of the customer experience. From social media monitoring to branded online communities to a full-service Facebook experience, it is designed to extend experience to the places where consumers are learning, sharing, and buying across the social web. Build a thriving peer-to-peer support community empowering customers to help themselves, each other, and your organization. Make it easy for agents to monitor and engage in relevant customer conversations as they emerge on Twitter, YouTube, RSS-enabled sites, Facebook fan pages, and your own community. Provide customers with a forum to collaborate and share insights into product improvements and potential new markets to further drive innovation.

Cross Channel Contact Centre & Mobile Experience

Powering the Next Generation Contact Center - As the primary hub of customer interactions, the contact center is the strategic nerve center of your customer experience strategy. Contact Center Experience enables end-to-end management of the customer experience by unifying customer data, contextual knowledge, and interaction channels. Organize the gathered information, and then making it accessible in the form of actionable knowledge. Handle all customer interaction in a unified manner by providing agents with all relevant previous exchanges regardless of channel or department. Even your junior agents are able to deliver exceptional experiences consistently across every channel for operational efficiency and service excellence. This translates to wider customer reach, less turnaround time for responding to customer queries and above all the flexibility to stay connected 24/7.

Engage Experience

Right Message, Right Person, Right Time - The new generation of consumers has come to expect a great customer experience when they interact with brands. Through closed-loop marketing and integrated analytics, RightNow Engage enhances the customer experience by leveraging a business toolset that delivers proactive, highly personalized communications, while providing businesses with real-time actionable insights into building loyalty and driving revenue. Optimize both the quality of the customer experience and the operational efficiency of multi-channel engagement.

Service Experience

Security to protect your business, reliability to trust your brand, flexibility to scale to your needs. Purpose built Cloud-based platform to deliver great customer experiences across all channels of interaction. For over a decade, Oracle RightNow has taken learnings and matured the Cloud infrastructure to lead the way in SaaS delivery, supporting over 2 billion global transactions a day for some of the world's largest brands.

Customer Portal Framework Migration

Oracle RightNow Customer Portal Framework Version 3.x offers customers the control and flexibility to decide what features to adopt and when to adopt them - control when to migrate and what to migrate. With the Oracle RightNow Customer Portal Framework Version 3.x, the Oracle Service Cloud customers can start taking advantage of all its features and benefits. Migrating to Oracle RightNow Customer Portal Framework Version 3.x offers customers the control and flexibility to decide what features to adopt and when to adopt them. You’re never forced to migrate your customer portal, even when your organization upgrades to a new Oracle RightNow CX release. With Oracle RightNow Customer Portal Framework Version 3.x, you control when you migrate and what you migrate.

  • Knowledge Management

    Implement an effective knowledge management solution by streamlining knowledge creation, capture, storage, sharing and usage process by leveraging RightNow features like knowledge base, workflows, propose, guided assistance and smart assistant.

  • Incident Management

    Configure your email based ticketing system to enable quick & accurate responses to your customers by leveraging all standard RightNow features like SLA management, guided assistance, smart assistant, knowledge base, queues and standard texts.

  • Chat Management

    Configure real-time chat that delivers proven results, including higher customer satisfaction, increased conversion, and improved efficiency. Live chat software provides an easy and effective way to engage a customer in the purchase process or when they need assistance solving an issue.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration (CTI) and desktop call control add-ins are also used to enable CTI screen pop and softphone functionality within the agent desktop, further enhancing agent productivity. Oracle RightNow Dynamic Agent Desktop Cloud Service integrates with leading telephony systems to enable this functionality.

Twitter Integration

RightNow CX integration for Twitter is an extension to Oracle RightNow Social Experience capabilities and enables the RightNow platform to instantly generate and distribute pre scripted response to queries / feedbacks posted by customers and consumers via Twitter.

Skype Integration

Skype connector for RightNow CX enables Skype Call and Skype Message. These entities are used for storing information about Skype activities. Also it extends Contact entity by adding a new field for storing Skype username.

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