Customer Success starts with Customer Onboarding

TaskOnPro is a customer onboarding solution which includes everything companies need to successfully manage their team, customers and processes. TaskOnPro is built entirely on the Salesforce platform - provides the best of class capabilities including security, privacy, scalability, availability, and performance.

Personalize Customer Onboarding

Onboarding Playbook
Delight customers with repeatable playbooks through their onboarding journey.

Create and repeat templates and map them to different segments, products or criteria.

100% Native
Keep all your playbooks and data without leaving Salesforce.

Manage & Monitor New Customer Projects

Schedule and assign task based on team roles. Share your onboarding progress with customers.

 Easily manage your task across all projects. Track the progress, time spent, collaborate with your team without having to leave Salesforce.

Measure the commitments made to customers with baseline set for each project.

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Illuminate Customer Success

dashboard and metrics

Project Insights
Highlight customer success, bottlenecks and risks with key metrics, prebuilt reports and dashboards on performance in real-time.


Spot resources who can pick next project.

resources resources

360 degree visibility into every opportunity and account.

dashboard and metrics dashboard and metrics

User Adoption
Access deep-dive insights on customer project information and customize reports to include information that is relevant to your business.

Onboard Customers faster and more efficiently