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September 18, 2012

With ever changing world market situations and economic policies of developing nations, there is an enormous speed & pace which is required to sustain in today’s competitive world of business which has a phenomenal change when compared to the earlier days of 1990s.

Countries have moved out of barter systems of mighty mahanzadoro Harappa civilizations and mighty Himalayan traditions to the world of exchange of exchanges for gadgets in the fast-paced world. Countries have seen lassaiz faire, free enterprise in the US during the 1980s. While developing nations are filled with poverty, advanced nations concentrate on increasing the exchequers with dollars, and there would be a huge gap in the thought process and development of Nations.

Due to world market changes and relative factors like the economies of developing nations, the perspective of business has taken various changes as the world is becoming smaller and smaller due to invention, innovation, technology, and certainly the brilliance of people today. Major MNCs, corporate, individuals, employees, clients, and vendors are focused and inclined to change themselves and consistently looking for new technology, knowledge Transfer, and best industry practices to follow and incorporate where necessary in an uncertain situation of hype in the stock markets.

Transformation (change) is the keyword in the world of the global economy and in the context of liberalization of policies to conduct market segmentation and penetration effectively with efficacy in order to explore a new world of business opportunities, avenues, and possibilities. The replication of business has taken a bigger seat if we take the example of McDonald in the world to spread wings across the nations.

Employees are subject to transformation and constant change for upgrading their skills to achieve excellence in all walks of life to keep abreast of knowledge with their competitive spirit, and contribution and become mission-critical to organizations.

Great saints of Santana Dharma of India like Adi Sankarbhagavat pada of 14th Century, have established and prescribed a few rules to achieve this excellence through various methodologies and with perfect discipline. He has mentioned it in his “Nirvanashatkam” which depicts detachment in attachment, achieving a perfect state of mind. Today, we don’t have time to go back and look at the Wisdom that was prescribed in Kruta Yuga and we start looking at other nations by being after the material advancement without a value system and giving up the principles of foundation which was imbibed in our blood and every nerve in the tradition as cultural heritage.

There are many foreign nationals and expatriates, including Steve Jobs of Apple Inc, who visited India to meet up with the ancient Gurus of the Himalayas to understand the fundamental principles which will govern the Nations, Corporates, and individuals for ever. Steve Jobs achieved it, and he had spent a good time during his last days. His message to the world is “Innovation through detachment and certainly not with attachment.” He has left his mark on Iphone5s & Tablets today in the world, which is a greater innovation of the world.

Without Disciplining of mind and body, which are not in tranquility and synchronization, achieving excellence is impossible and the absence of synchronization of these two would do lot of harm and adverse effect on the system. Besides these fundamental principles of foundation, ethical conduct and value system which was cherished and nurtured in the nerve and blood of individual which may take place from birth as hereditary and brought up.

Needless to say, gaint companies like DSQ Software, Infosys, cognizant and TCS, HP speak about it with passion and they had set some rules for themselves from top level to bottom level employees of the organization. Hence, they have become breeding grounds of excellent people and their off-shoots are established in similar lines like Mind Tree, Xchange, and Hexaware etc. The adoption of ethical conduct and value system is to drive these disciplines and right and righteous conduct which will help to make corporate – “A great place of work destinations”

The reversal of fundamental principles of “Satyam (Truth) to Mytas” will be changed as reversing of company name leaving aside the greatest Value system would change the direction and fate of company which is an evidential fact today. Wisdom and Truth are back bones of the value system which enhances the power of organizations for all people dealing with the company.

The greatest challenge today is Transforming Others. Best ways to deal with it is “Transforming ourselves” and look at everything and have insights of things with a fresh approach and new perspective without inhibitions away from the concept of “I know everything”. At the end of life when he was given poison and consumed by Socrates, Socrates stated that he realized one thing “that he knows nothing in the world”. This is a difficult path of realization which needs fundamental value system, flexibility to adopt change, acceptance and admission of mistakes, self-introspection on a continuous basis.

Hence, Transforming People through Engagement is a must and CRMIT believes in this concept and uses it extensively to develop the internal systems, people and processes. CRMIT has inclination towards achieving excellence through gaining & imparting knowledge to become pioneers.

Jack Welch on Vision: Good business leaders create a vision. They articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. Further to this, he also says, Above all else, good leaders go up, down, and around their organization to reach people. They are informal. They are straight with people. They make a religion out of being accessible. They never get bored telling the story

CRMIT’s belief on “Vision”:

1) Invest on people
2) Develop Trust and Respect
3) Dominate your market/ area of work – or get out
4) Never sit still
5) Think Service, service, Service
6) Forget the past, love the future
7) Learn and lead

Goals, Values and Beliefs of CRMIT

Our goal at CRMIT is simple – extraordinary customer service. We accomplish this by our highly valued People, Processes and the right working environment where employees have fun as they work. Our goals are accomplished by a commitment from every employee.
Our values and beliefs are :

  • Treat each employee with trust and respect and give them an opportunity for input on how to continually improve our service goals.
  • Treat each employee fairly and with mutual respect. The Company does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and encourages all managers and supervisors to involve employees in problem solving and the creativity process. When problems arise, the facts should be analyzed to determine ways to avoid similar problems in the future.
  • Provide the most effective and efficient corrective action to resolve customer service issues, to ensure our customer’s satisfaction and that the problem not be repeated in the future. In this way, we will maintain our leadership position in the industry.
  • Foster an open door policy that encourages interaction, discussions, and ideas to improve the work environment, thus increasing our productivity.
  • Deliver competitive, impeccable service to our customers and, where required, partner our customers with vendors who share our mission vision.
  • Make “Do It Right The First Time” our commitment as a team and our only way of doing business. This commitment will ensure continued growth and prosperity.

Ravi Shankar Kasinadhuni

Director (HR), CRMIT

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