Emails inside CRM

November 30, 2011

Sugar CRM, the famous open source CRM solution has recently made this announcement:

our new email archiving capability that lets you save and access email from all your accounts and contacts right inside Sugar

Very interesting trend. Seeing Emails inside CRM and the ability to respond to accounts and contacts from there itself, will be a lovely feature. Very useful for improving user adoption, when the CRM implementation meets the standard resistance “Emails are good enough for me” (Individuals) Vs “But we want centralized data” (Management).

Guess what, we visualized this requirement and implemented it for Oracle CRM On Demand few years back. Now more than 10 of our customers are using this product which we call “CRM++ Email Workbench”. If you are an Oracle CRMOD customer, you should check it out!

Good to see Sugar CRM bringing this feature as part of their out of the box product. Expecting more and more CRM vendors to bring Email inside CRM, so that the question “Emails Or CRM” will become outdated, it is always “Emails AND CRM”!

To know more about our Email Workbench product, watch a video, request for a free trial, Click here :

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