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May 28, 2015

Oracle Sales Cloud_Security
If you are coming from a very lightweight Cloud CRM application (e.g., CRM On Demand) where users could only have a single role and functional privileges, data security authorizations specified in a wizard-based role console, Oracle Sales Cloud’s security framework could look daunting.

Oracle Sales Cloud security framework has Duty Roles, Abstract Roles, Job Roles, and Resource Roles, and the setup/administration is done across Authorization Policy Manager (APM) and Oracle Identity Manager (OIM).

I would like to approach this in my own way.

a. Roles

For a Sales Cloud Application, 3 roles are core

  • Sales Representative
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Support

b. Modules

The core modules are

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Activity

Now, what any of the above roles could do with these modules is defined in “policies.” These policies are of 2 types – Functional Policies and Data Security policies.

These policies are grouped under Duty Roles (also called application roles).

Duty roles could inherit other duty roles. This facilitates to assignment of multiple roles to a single user.

Sales Representative Duty

Functional Policies under Sales Representative Duty

Data Security Policies under Sales Representative Duty

You could add or remove policies under the functional policies section.

You could add or remove policies and add explicit rules and actions for data security policies.

Duty Roles are grouped under Job Roles & Abstract Roles (also called external roles).

Job role typically represents the job a user is hired into e.g. Sales representative job.

Abstract roles typically contain common functionality irrespective of job role, e.g., the ‘Employee’ abstract role allows a user to manage personal information, etc.

During every implementation, it is mandatory that we review functional and data security policies that are assigned to a user through Job roles & abstract roles and add or remove any as required by customer requirements.

For best practices on role customization during implementations, you can refer to a customer connect webinar here

Out of the box, the following is the data security setup in Sales Cloud for the above roles.

Sales Representative:

The seeded Sales Party review duty allows a sales representative to view all accounts and contacts in the Sales Cloud application.

Sales Representatives can View and Edit other records if
–they are owners of a record
–they are on the record’s team
–they are a member/owner of a territory associated with the record

Sales Manager:

The seeded Sales Party review duty allows a sales manager to view all accounts and contacts in the Sales Cloud application.

Sales managers can View and Edit other records if
–they are owners of a record
–they are on the record’s team
–they are a member/owner of a territory associated with the record

A Sales Manager can also View and Edit records if a Sales Representative reporting to him/her owns a record or in the record’s team or record is associated with a territory in the sales representative’s territory hierarchy.

Sales Support:

Sales Support is an admin role and it allows the users to help sales with their daily activities, perform sales setup/admin tasks and provide access to all sales data in the designated sales region.

At this moment, the job role and abstract role administration are handled in OIM (Setup and Maintenance > Manage Job Roles Task), and Duty role administration is handled in APM (Setup and Maintenance > Manage Duty Roles Task).

From release 10, this would become easier as Sales Cloud is coming with a security console to create and manage roles, copy roles and compare roles through a single admin interface. Refer to this customer connect webinar for more information.

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