Human Dynamics in the IT corporate world

February 15, 2013

Business prepositions are changing, day to day and people are looking for external help to build their sales force to bring in new clients for the purpose of sustaining their existing revenues and also for their future growth. Anticipating high risks and vulnerability for any untoward exigencies with readiness is crucial for the sustenance of the companies, once they reach the optimal level of growth. Organizations plunge into the tides of global markets with their balance sheets showing either profits or losses over a period of time and sweeps through with enormous growth after crossing the bridges and horizons of walls of destiny.

In the mean time, there are dialogues between the people on process corrections to gain healthy trends of changes and modifications that are required to face the competitive environments. Trifling discussions matters a lot and useful decisions have been arrived at the end of the tunnel. This would happen for the good, but conduct and patience will be tested in tough times.

How does it matter for us? Do we need to enter into the state of conflict resolution?  

Transactional analysis speaks about the state of mind and classifies into three different states: 1) Parent 2) Adult and 3) Child.

How does it address our problem in hand? Yes, we need to examine the facts on the table by understanding the processes that exist and the new dimensions that are chosen to begin and pour a new life in the bottle of growing business. How do we conduct this paradigm shift in minutes? And who would be responsible for the end result? There are many questions that need to be addressed without proper answers.

What is that we expect from people today? The answer is understanding, wherein understanding the subject churns out the essence.

Life cycle of an employee is not a very big event in the companies with ever changing configurations and dimensions. Situations compel people to come, work and live together as long as they have a proper understanding in uniformity with sacrosanct approach, which prevails and controls the life blood of every situation.

Many people get into this trouble due to lack of awareness of their current state, which is beautiful and designed well like a digestive system that works continuously without any break and seeking anyone’s help. Children live without any inhibitions, mingling and forgetting their quarrels.

Accepting new changes and formalization is a general practice of the industry, provided it is supported by logical and bench marking conclusions. Change just for the heck of it would not help and back fires often due to lack of support in the system.

Steering of the tables, revered manifestations of the folks, enduring relationships and endeavoring examples of business makes people bullying and hounding in their arguments and creates gaps, which in turn results in gulf.

Business procrastinations and alarming the people with more confusion will be treated as rotten culture, which has been carried forward from the ages of global history. “What is so great about the human history? Our entire history is full of human harassment”. Taj Mahal was built by 20,000 workers which is a monument of the nation. There are about 20,000 people whose fingers were cut due to the unparalleled treachery of Shajahan, to ensure these people never built such a magnificent monument in near future that is awesome and spotless.  “Where are the prevailing saints, when Kargil wars were fought and people had died for the mother land?” We need to ponder and understand.

How do you conduct the transactional analysis – to understand parent ego (satvik), adult ego (rajasic) and child ego (tama sic).

There is no species in the world, which were born and living without these 3 gunas of the western world called parent, adult and child ego states – without which one cannot move an inch in their endeavors.

The clash is between these gunas and not between the individuals. If organizations understand this culture and nurture it for betterment, controversies get diluted and dissociated like snow waters, and purifies the fruitful lands of corporate soils.

By Ravi Shankar
HR Director, CRMIT Solutions



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