Steps for CRM Success

April 14, 2011

When we Google about CRM we get tons of results. Common mistake is people assume that the companies use CRM to focus more on cutting costs and improving productivity. Not many talks about the enhanced experiences across customer touch points leading to CRM Success.

When we search for ‘Steps to CRM Success’, again we get lots of results, ranging from “4 steps to success with CRM” to “10 pointers leading to CRM success”. Lot of factors added to it and lot of information flowing through articles. But after a lot of research, we find that no matter the type of company, good CRM practices are applicable to companies across verticals, across Globe. One tenet is ‘Customer Centricity’.

Customer centricity mainly demands right Vision by the management of the organization and the Strategic approach to build it. CRM vision must be collaborated with the Customer Experience, structure, processes followed, skills and with the Enterprise Culture.

For more details on the right way to CRM success, refer to this wonderful article:

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