Too Many Links?

December 7, 2011

You may be aware that CRMIT is very active in Twitter and Facebook. Everyday we post tons of interesting links about CRM / Social Media / SaaS and related topics. (Psst: If you are not following us in Twitter / Facebook, you are missing some solid knowledge base about latest CRM happenings, Go ahead and follow us, Thanks in advance!)

While we were doing a good job in collecting and posting interesting CRM reading materials, we were making a huge mistake too. We used to collect these links via various channels and post them together at one go. Means, lots of links updated in a matter of two or three minutes, and then no links for next 23 hours or so. Bad idea!

Our CRM Consultant Mr. Surya pointed out this mistake to us. His comments were:

What is the objective of having 10 posts in 1 min in my Facebook page, all posted by CRMIT? Too much info. I prefer to skip them. Doesn’t matter how good they are.

He is right. We learnt a very valuable lesson today, Social Media updates are important, but they should never be posted in one go. That looks like just dumping links, not sharing / starting a discussion. Also, when you post everything in one go and remain silent for rest of the day, you are not really ‘Social’. Are you?

So what is the solution? Should we post only one or two links an hour? Schedule our links to appear automatically every hour? That is something we are yet to figure out, but the message is loud and clear: no information overloading, especially in Social Media which is already overloaded!

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