Transforming the Digital Customer Experience for High-Tech Companies

September 30, 2014

Digital Customer Experience for High-Tech Companies

High-Tech companies should be the leader in transforming the user’s experience in the digital world.

High-Tech companies are the front runners who are always trying to create innovative products, services/software, providing a platform to enhance and enrich human life by connecting men and machines. But there is a big white space for these companies to make their products more user-friendly and easy to use for the general customers. Steve Jobs’ vision of computers for every household is only real because of their usability and ability to connect and share the application usage.

A consumer should be able to use high-tech products/ services without any handbook – that’s the most expected – after all, no one taught anyone how to use Facebook or Twitter or an iPod. When there is a need for a demonstration of how the product works, it has to be conveyed in a way or means that is closest to everyone and easily understandable. A simple 3-minute video can do wonders than a product guide of 100 pages. The visual medium is the powerful communication to enrich user engagement with the most desirable proven storytelling way (as long as it is not too elongated or boring).

Engage consumers through gamification
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Gamification is another way to keep the user engaged, and it should be used in a more intuitive and innovative way to create a difference. They shall build an app that has a menu of videos that provides information on how to use or troubleshoot the product.

Real results of gamification
Reference – Gigya Implementations

If High-Tech companies adopt and find innovative ways of connecting with users, the experience shall always be considered a benchmark for other industry solution providers, which ultimately drives the user experience to the next level.

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