Twitter’s Self Service Advertising Platform & What it means for Social CRM

January 19, 2012

Buzz is that Twitter has launched a Self Service Advertising Platform for certain markets. We can expect it to go mainstream soon.

For quite sometime, Twitter uses promoted tweets, promoted trends etc., to make money. But they were not as self-service as Google Ads or few other alternatives. Having a system where people can manage their own Twitter Ads (& use them as per their budget) is going to add lot of value. And improve user adoption too.

Social CRM will jump into the bandwagon too, Soon we can expect features such as create a Twitter Ad from your CRM, Track effectiveness of a Twitter Ad, Track responses to a particular Ad, End to end campaign effectiveness reports etc., Exciting!

Do you use Twitter Ads? Are you planning to integrate them to your CRM? If yes, how? Who will benefit most from a platform / integration of this sort? Share your thoughts.

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Great Point! Social Networking is the call of the day in the current times. Combining Social Networking with your CRM is what Social CRM or SCRM is. From On-premise to On-Demand and now from powerful Analytics to getting social, CRM has become an important requirement for Businesses.
Many Large Organizations having a huge number of customers/ clients (For eg: Pharmaceuticals or Life Sciences, Consumer Goods, etc.) using CRM Software systems will be benefited with this new concept.

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