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We’re a Salesforce Consulting Partner, so you know we unlock your enterprise data with the world’s most innovative integration platform, and create seamlessly connected citizen experiences.  The technology is just the most efficient way to achieve that goal. That’s why we’ve mastered the technologies to deliver you a true Citizen360 that you need to elevate your citizen experience and your business beyond the cloud.

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Citizen Experience

To be able to meet them effectively, government organizations need to be easy to deal with via multiple channels, offer transparency, offer accountability, engage with citizens and empower staff with the information they need & when they need it. All within increasingly tight government budgets. 

Resolve Citizens Requests In One
Simple Interaction

Shared Communication
Effective Time Management
Less or No Paperwork
Prompt Response
Transparent System
Role-based Accountability

How to Improve Citizens’ Experience?

FieldForcePro citizen services solutions make government services more efficient, responsive, citizen-friendly and ensure that vital government programs are stood up on time, on schedule, and then build continuous improvement into ongoing operations.   

  • Transparency
  • checked
  • Effective Response Rate
  • checked
  • Less or No Paperwork
  • checked
  • Role-based Accountability

Public Sector Agencies

Federal Government

  • Agriculture Services
  • checked
  • Census Services
  • checked
  • Transportation Services
  • checked
  • Wildlife Protection Service
  • checked
  • Forest Service

State Government

  • Health Services
  • checked
  • Ageing & Disability
  • checked
  • Home Care
  • checked
  • Child Support
  • checked
  • Education Services
  • checked
  • Vehicle Registrations
  • checked
  • Transport Concessions

City Offices

  • Public Land Management
  • checked
  • Electricity & Water
  • checked
  • Crimes & Misdemeanours
  • checked
  • Jury Service
  • checked
  • Emergency Response
  • checked
  • Tolls & Passes

Citizen Service Application for Salesforce helps Bushfire Recovery gain momentum

Australia suffered from one of its worst bushfire rampage in recent history, with more than two dozen people killed, thousands of homes destroyed, and millions of acres charred so far.

Governments across Australia continued planning and executing massive efforts to make it easier for local citizens to recover and rebuild both humans and wildlife after the bushfire devastation. Voluntary agencies and non-profit organizations are engaged consistently to work with councils and state agencies on what else is needed to support the recovery and rebuilding effort.

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