One of Canada's largest full-service airlines and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services sought to improve its customer satisfaction




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One of Canada's largest full-service airlines and the largest provider of scheduled passenger services sought to improve its customer satisfaction. Email Integration Solutions for Oracle CRM On Demand was deployed to efficiently address the customer grievances. They chose CRM Email Integration to meet their needs.


The airline is committed to providing the best customer service possible and pledges to take steps and make best reasonable efforts to reduce any inconvenience to its consumers and passengers including reservations, check-in, baggage, entertainment and refund.

One of the major challenges was to integrate the service request and responses to the customer’s contact details within the CRM and improve the service provided to passengers.


The airline realized that it could differentiate itself from its competition by offering a superior customer experience at every interaction point with its customers. Every customer interaction was to be perceived as both a great opportunity to bond with customers or prospects, and as a risky break point for a worthwhile customer relationship. The aim was to improve its service request resolution time.

In order to efficiently address the customer service requests, CRM++ Email Workbench was chosen as a comprehensive solution to manage, capture, collate, respond and distribute important customer email activity all within the CRM system. Every update, development and opportunity is immediately shared with appropriate team members, without having to remember to copy or forward

CRM Email Integration leverages the extensibility of Oracle® CRM On Demand to provide a complete solution for delivering world-class customer service. This helped the airline to link the prospect and customer emails with the CRM data for a 360° view of the customer interaction.


  • Seamless automation of service requests and one-stop email communication
  • Organize all passenger information and emails within the contact information
  • Avoid switching between email and CRM modules to improve service requests resolution time
  • Link prospect and customers emails with the CRM data for integrated customer interactions view of passenger

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