Closed Loop Reporting

Optimize your business pipeline with actionable insights

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Closed Loop Reporting

Track & Monitor your Customer Journey to
Make Better Business Decisions

key performance indicator
Identify the key performance matrices

Keep your eye on the key pipeline metrics. Use these insights to monitor and strategize total prospects, leads, opportunities and business revenue.

marketing channel performance
Track activities of leads

Get a clear insight of your leads & opportunities. Identify the hot, warm & cold leads of your marketing automation campaigns & strategize your actions accordingly.

campaign performance
Monitor omni-channel campaign performance

Visualize the campaign performance by channel, by region to calculate the ROI & identify the reasons for losing & winning any opportunity.

actions on report
Take necessary actions

Prioritize the opportunities & mobilize resources to develop & plan marketing & sales program to generate the highest business revenue.

Empower your Business with Deeper Insights of the Funnel

Get a clear visualization with more insights

Monitor and manage overall marketing and sales progress, from account creation to closure and everything in between.

360 Degree view of opportunities

Monitor your customer lifecycle in the business funnel. Track latest engagements and assign leads depending on the performance.

Improve business productivity

Manage your sales and marketing individual productivity and optimize the resources accordingly.

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