CRMIT Solutions announces availability of CRM++ Quote Management Solution on Oracle® Cloud

25 Sep 2013 Milpitas, CA

California based CRMIT Solutions, a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions, today announced the new Quote Management Solution on Oracle® Cloud.

The Oracle® Cloud includes Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) capabilities, while providing a cost-effective and secure environment. Oracle® Cloud users can now customize, print or email quotes across contacts instantly without missing on those crucial opportunities within their CRM systems.

CRM++ Quote Management seamlessly generates these quotes for opportunities within the sales force automation. While creating a quote, you can add a contact with an account, add products as line items to the quote, and enter price details or terms & conditions – all within a secured interface. More importantly the Quote Management solution offers to customize, print or email quotes across your contacts instantly without missing on business opportunities – all within the pre-defined business process while leveraging the flexibility of Oracle® Sales Cloud Service and Oracle® Java Cloud Service– both available via the Oracle® Cloud.

“As businesses large and small start to explore the cloud, you need to understand not only the benefits, but also the changes brought by moving to a cloud delivery model.”says Vinod Reddy, CEO, CRMIT Solutions. "With this new development, we offer CRM++ Quote Management on Oracle® Cloud for customers and partners worldwide to extend business processes as rules and enable sales fulfillment.”

CRMIT Solutions plans to announce a series of webinars on their CX expertise. More information on CRM++ Quote Management Solution along with our success stories on Oracle® Cloud is also available on the website.


CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer in delivering SaaS based CRM consulting & solutions. With over 200+ certified CRM consultants and over 175+ successful CRM deployments globally, CRMIT Solutions offers CRM++ applications for accelerated deployments including various rapid implementation & migration utilities for Oracle Fusion CRM. CRMIT Solutions is one of the largest Cloud based CRM deployment partners with several leading Fortune 1000 companies spread across various domains including banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Education, retail, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, energy, telecom, etc. Apart from that, CRMIT Solutions has also successfully accomplished 100+ CRM training engagements globally

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