CRMIT Announces Surge in Salesforce Hiring to Accelerate Business Growth

CRMIT Solutions is all set to hire as many as 100 employees in the next 12 months. The company will be hiring for the following positions: Salesforce Technical Architects, Salesforce Technical Lead, Salesforce Developers, Salesforce QA, and Graduate Engineering Trainees.

Atlanta, GA (August 09, 2022) CRMIT Solutions, a trusted managed services provider and digital transformation partner for businesses around the globe, today announced its plan to hire as many as 100 employees including Salesforce technical architects, developers, Quality assurance professionals, and graduate engineering trainees. CRMIT Solutions is a consulting & ISV partner for Salesforce platforms.


CRMIT Solutions is primed to continue to accelerate its customer-centric growth strategy across the Salesforce install base. With over 350+ customers, the organization remains committed to expanding product offerings, delivery capabilities, strengthening its partnerships, and investing in a workforce that can meet today’s and future market demands.

The 2022 batch of graduate engineering trainees was inducted today into the workforce. The Graduate Engineering Trainees (GET) Program is reportedly a major part of their workforce expansion plan.

“Graduate Engineering Trainees have been the pillar of CRMIT’s workforce since its establishment in 2019. As GETs, this new batch of global growth hackers will transition through a rigorous training and soft-skill development program. All programs are meticulously planned across Sydney, Atlanta and Bangalore campuses. “ explained Naveen Vemulapati, Vice President, CRMIT Solutions.

“This strong training infrastructure has allowed the company to nurture top Salesforce talents. This unique pathway has enabled employees to transition from conventional jobs across various industries. GET is a two-month talent development program. One can use their engagement and creativity to design, test and develop the next generation of products and services for customers all over the world,” added Saritha Reddy, Vice President, Talent & Partner Growth, CRMIT Solutions.

CRMIT Solutions recently announced various lateral positions including, Salesforce Technical Architects, Salesforce Technical Lead, Salesforce Developers and Salesforce QA. More details are available on

About CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer Salesforce Managed Services Provider focusing on digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. Salesforce Managed Services involve the assessment of a customer’s environment to boost user adoption, allowing one to maximise the Salesforce Return on Investment. With over 200 certified CRM & business intelligence consultants and 1000+ successful deployments globally, CRMIT has successfully acquired customers across various domains, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial and human services.