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Why Salesforce?

User Adoption

Better user adoption

Meets and far exceeds the ease of use requirement by offering its user base an extremely intuitive, simple user interface

Functional Requirement

Meet functional requirements

Allows easy data collaboration between multiple departments, centralized customer information, an array of reports and dashboards with cross-browser and cross-device usability.



Provides a fully customized and automated platform to integrate with a host of different business models and tailor solution for user-specific needs.



Marketplace of easy to access, download, and install apps provides users with even more resources, options, and expanded functionality.

Our Methodology

Business Case

  • check Identify Salesforce.com value drivers and benefits
  • checkMetrics identification
  • checkBuild business case to migrate to Salesforce.com

Salesforce.com Capability Evaluation Workshop

  • checkPrioritize functional capability
  • checkIdentify candidate apps with Salesforce ecosystem

Process Harmonization

  • checkAnalyze existing processes
  • checkIdentify deviations
  • checkHarmonize
  • checkDefine to be process

Salesforce.com Roadmap

  • checkGather high level requirements
  • checkPrioritize requirements
  • checkCountry reading assessment
  • checkCreate Salesforce.com deployment roadmap

Execute Pilot

  • checkEvaluate Pilot
  • checkCreate Recommendation

Stakeholder Governance

  • checkIdentify Stakeholders
  • checkStakeholder Management Plan

Organization Change Management

  • checkCreate change Management plan
  • checkCommunication
  • checkTraining and adoption
  • checkDecommission
  • checkRe-skill and redeploy
  • check Define KPIs
  • checkMeasure ROI


  • checkFinal data migration
  • checkUser training
  • checkRollout of application
  • checkSupport & maintenance
  • checkUser adoption

Why Us?

Referenceable Customers

Successful Customer Engagements

Customer Satisfaction

Certified consultants