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Manage variable compensation for thousands of sales reps and improve operational efficiency and business results

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Automate, simplify and unify incentive plans for your pinnacle performers

Incentive Compensation Management allows for automation in the administration, calculation, reporting, and analysis of variable-based pay programs. Oracle Incentive Compensation (OIC) is able to manage the complexity of these incentive programs with greater agility and lower TCO while maintaining necessary financial and process controls. OIC can reduce 90% of commission over payments representing 5-8% of your total commission expense annually.

Features & Benefits

  • Perform Multicurrency calculation

  • Track seasonality, currency fluctuations

  • Perform what if analysis for maximum payout

  • Increase financial control and compliance

  • Scorecard for identifying top performers and determining coaching needs

  • Predesigned templates and reports for various incentive compensation models

What we offer

Design, configure and what-if analysis

Modelling, design, administration and analysis of incentive compensation programs ranging from hundreds to thousands of direct or indirect sales professionals.

Migration from home grown legacy systems or spreadsheets

Compensation programs run on a number of rigid home grown legacy systems or spreadsheets which are responsible for managing the complexity of the incentive programs with greater agility and lower the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Systems Integration

Seamless integration with peripheral systems including HRMS, Payroll, CRM, Order Management, Quote solutions, Finance and ERP.

Dashboard and Analytics for Incentive Compensation

Configuration of the personalized dashboards and analytics for Incentive Compensation.

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