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100% native to Salesforce

Shaping Corporate Vaccine Administration plans, amid COVID-19new

employee wellness vaccine journey

How ActNow helps to build a healthy workforce

Medical Practitioner

Medical Practitioner
  • Enroll practitioners to the vaccine program
  • Schedule/manage appointment times
  • Administers vaccine
  • Monitors vaccination process
  • Reports data to state/local

Vaccine Recipient

Vaccine Recipient
  • Access vaccination history / certification
  • Enroll practitioners to the vaccine program
  • Schedule/manage appointment times
  • Administers vaccine
  • Monitors vaccination process
  • Reports data to state/local

Employer & Governing Body

Employer & Governing Body
  • Monitors enrolments
  • Manage vaccine stock & distribution
  • Define eligibility / priority guidelines
  • Track vaccination rates
  • Tracks adverse effects (if any)
  • Receives & reports data to the command center
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Workplace Wellness Vaccine Management eBook

Workplace wellness and vaccine solution for Salesforce.

HIPAA compliant

ActNow (built on HIPAA compliant platform)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. We understand the sensitivities and the significance associated with keeping patient healthcare data private and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are doctors/healthcare providers onboarded?

    Doctors/Healthcare providers are onboarded by the employer to effect the immunization for their workforce.

  • Do employees need to be Salesforce users?

    No. Employees need not be Salesforce users or they need not have Salesforce licenses.

  • Do doctors/healthcare providers need Salesforce licenses?

    Yes, doctors/healthcare providers onboarded by employers need to have Salesforce licenses to keep track of the vaccination administered to the employees and their post-immunization symptoms.

  • How does teleconsultation work?

    If employees have side effects after the immunization, they can opt to have a teleconsultation with the doctor onboarded by scheduling an appointment.

    If the employer already has subscribed to teleconferencing, then the same can be embedded in the solution or it will need to be considered as an extra stock and then can be embedded in the solution.

    The doctors/healthcare providers are the ones who need these teleconferencing licenses.

  • How does an employee report their post-immunization symptoms?

    Employees once immunized will get an option to report their symptoms using a web form and they can authenticate themselves using an OTP sent to their phone.

  • Does ActNow require a mobile app on the phone?

    No. The employer, employees, and the doctors/healthcare providers will have access to the solution on the phone.

  • Does HIPAA apply to the health information collected by ActNow?

    Yes. ActNow is a 100% native Salesforce plug-in and operates on the Salesforce services and like Salesforce complies with provisions of HIPAA. For customers that are subject to HIPAA and submit Protected Health Information (PHI) to Salesforce services as customer data, Salesforce has a HIPAA business associate addendum that complies with HIPAA.

    However, if the customer wants to have employee/healthcare data in another HRMS system or a HIPAA compliant application, it can be integrated to ensure data is stored in that system as long as API level access is given to them.

    HIPAA imposes obligations to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI) only on covered entities, which are defined to include health plans, health care clearinghouses, and healthcare providers. An employer acting in its capacity as an employer is not subject to HIPAA. Other laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) or state confidentiality laws, may apply.

  • Will there be notifications sent to employees regarding their opt-in details?

    Yes, notifications will be sent to employees via email. It can even be sent via SMS with an extra cost to it.

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