• CRM++

    is beyond gathering feedback
    Listen, Engage & Analyse
Marketing Cloud

Successfully engage your customers and deliver great experiences with personalized and relevant messages through powerful behavioral and marketing analytics, marketing automation and multichannel campaign management.

Sales Cloud

Track your sales opportunities effectively from sales management, prospect engagement, high quality leads generation to the focus on highest value deals with 360° view of every customer through multichannel sales management.

Service Cloud

Rapidly build and deploy powerful new cloud across the entire organization. Get happier customers anywhere, anytime, on any device and real loyalty by ensuring every user across your customer service ecosystem is a customer expert when it matters.

Rapid Implementation Services

Includes packaged solutions, tools, CX extensions, best practices and implementation methodology together combined with our experience across a range of industries.

Jumpstart Migration Services

Provide optimal and phased migration strategies to help customer springboard their productivity through professional assistance with initial set-up and configuration.

CX Consulting Services

CX Consulting Services

Design & develop CX management (CEM) strategies to close gaps between customer expectations and experience. It includes combining business and technical consulting.

  • Go Mobile

    Go Mobile Stay connected at the speed of business by keeping in touch with your customers from any location. Use every call, every chat, and every connection to successfully engage your customers and deliver a superior customer experience every time.

  • Go Cloud

    Go CloudMoving from hybrid and silo systems to a unified cloud solution could be a nightmare for many organization. Cloud Integration expertise makes connecting data between your cloud and your on-premise systems.

  • Go Share

    Go SocialCustomer Experiences go viral on social media platforms. It is essential for you to understand where your customers turn when they are disgruntled and how to best respond in a manner that enables both existing customers and potential customers.