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  • Managed Capacity Services for Salesforce
  • Managed Support Services for Salesforce
  • Managed Project Services for Salesforce
  • Managed Marketing Services for Salesforce
  • Managed Capacity Services for Salesforce

Managed Services for Salesforce Offerings

Skyrocket Salesforce instance for maximum returns
without breaking a single sweat!

Managed Capacity Services for Salesforce

Optimize capacity utilization with cost provisioning and labor arbitrage. Increase competency at a reduced cost and delivery time. Define and manage  a flexible & specialized team for  utilization.

Managed Support Services for Salesforce

Fast and seamless support resolutions with a flexible and scalable support system. Manage and maintain Salesforce product stacks, updates, releases, incidence and change management.

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Managed Projects Services for Salesforce

Manage multiple projects, with tailor-made outcomes through issue triaging, innovation, and agile methodologies. Create innovative solutions with the right tools to add visible value to the projects.

Managed Marketing Services for Salesforce

Magnify customer engagement and outreach with enhanced marketing funnel output. Brand the company to display the impact on the community and build a strong relationship with partners and customers.

At-scale capabilities across all clouds
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The CRMIT Difference

Industry Expertise

Industry experts analyze business challenges and develop a complete implementation roadmap that resonates with your industry needs.

Service Delivery Framework

A comprehensive and systematic approach that undertakes incremental improvements to processes and reduces waste and inconsistencies.

Innovation Lab

Design & build digital innovation labs, create POCs & MVPs for enterprises to drive digital transformations and unlock new business values.

Customer Success Stories

From an idea to an unforgettable and measurable customer experience


Managed Services for Salesforce reduced operating costs by 22% for leading healthcare insurance provider


Simplify B2B customer experience with Managed Services for Salesforce (Global manufacturer of commercial flooring)

Drives productivity workflow integrated suite salesforce instance

Built a resilient Salesforce instance
that drives productivity and a seamless

matched with
customer success


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