250 CRM deployments, 200,000 users &
1,000 man years of CX consulting

across varied industries

Education and Research

CRMIT Solutions has been recognized for their expertise in delivering exceptional student experience throughout the student lifecycle with the help of integrated multichannel solutions including web, mobile, social and campus for universities, colleges, schools and other educational and research institutes.

Supporting and enhancing the 'student experience' throughout the student lifecycle (from first contact through to becoming alumni) is critical to the success in higher education today for both the student and the institution.

Education and Research

Financial Services

CRMIT's BFS offerings are part of our customized solutions for Banking and Financial services organizations. Our Cloud CRM based financial solutions are the industry's most comprehensive solutions for 360 degree customer view, deal management, mortgage expansion, detecting risk, and enhancing customer relationships.

The CRMIT team has worked on end-to-end Cloud CRM implementation for corporate, wholesale, retail banking and mortgage financing services providers from across the globe. Also, we deliver a suite of analytical applications for risk management.

Financial Services


Complex global operations, rising demand for innovative customer service, continuous efforts to streamline the business processes and monitoring the stakeholders’ performance are the major challenges of Healthcare industry.

Most healthcare business firms are looking for comprehensive end-to-end off the shelf products to manage their leads, sales processes. CRMIT’s solutions allow users to manage and track relationships among various stakeholders in the sales cycles such as business heads, key account managers, area sales managers, clinical coordinators, clinical team leads, sales representatives, distributors, retailers and doctors.


High Technology

Built around best-in-class CRM, commerce and industry solutions, Cloud Solutions combines Sales, Marketing, Web and Social experiences enabling all small and big hi-tech organizations to increase sales and adoption, build trust, strengthen relationships, reduce costs and effort.

The enterprise platform provides transparent reliability, operational excellence, business performance, unmatched security, and total Cloud freedom for mission critical customer experience delivery.

Hi-tech Industries

Industrial Manufacturing

Manufacturers are fast accepting the fact that in order to boost sales and increase profits, they need to pay more attention to customer satisfaction. The growing demand of the customers has resulted in the need to implement CRM systems.

CRMIT Solutions for manufacturing vertical are implemented as a system that captures various sales data of the manufacturing company. The system acts as a single information sharing platform for all the stakeholders of sales cycle, where they collectively perform the assigned tasks to efficiently increase the productivity.

Industry Manufacturing


Most Insurance service providers recognize technology as a crucial element in satisfying consumer and shareholder demands. The customers are looking for comprehensive end-to-end off the shelf products to manage their day-to-day requirements. The uniqueness of this business is that it requires a full-featured CRM system that can be tailored to meet the specific needs. Our Insurance Industry services allow users to manage and track end-to-end Insurance processes.


Life Sciences

A typical customer journey includes interactions via contact center, corporate portals and conventional emails. Yes every call, every click, every message counts. Enabling these journey points is paramount and your CRM environment has been a strategic component to this journey.

Life Science

Public Sector

Governments & public administrative agencies are under constant pressures to improve efficiency and performance whilst providing an enhanced and increased portfolio of services. This is predominantly driven from both its consumers and its regulators. It is a constant battle to provide quality services at shrinking budget and limited resources. CRMIT solutions supports Public Sector organisations that aim for improving public service whilst eliminating unnecessary overheads.

Public Sector

Travel and Transportation

Customer Experience has by far been, the most critical component of the travel industry compared to any other, for years.

World travel and transportation continue to expand and the industry faces a challenge to manage an extraordinary growth in ways to sustain the long term social and economic competitiveness, including those in tour operation, hotels, cruises, car rental, cargo and fleet management. These challenges can be met by improving customer satisfaction, operations efficiency and adaptable business process.

Travels and Transport