CRMIT Independent Validation Services (Testing)

October 3, 2012

Testing has undergone a sea change in the last decade, particularly in the last few years. Today, Independent Validation / Testing is perceived as a major strategic tool for ensuring highest levels of quality assurance for the services rendered by an organization, which in turns acts as a precursor for driving optimum end user satisfaction.

We at CRMIT have established a Testing Centre of Excellence (T-CoE) that is dedicated exclusively for providing independent validation / testing services of highest order, which is aimed at enhancing and enriching the end user experience.

Our high level of competency and extensive experience in multiple domains on the CRM / CX front in testing large scale applications has placed us in a commanding position in the independent validation & certification eco-space.

Our testing methodology that is aligned to multiple development methodologies including Iterative / Agile development coupled with constant refinement of processes by incorporating inputs from our consultants, who understand the nuances of customers’ requirements from a quality, timelines & budget perspectives has put us in a client partnering position, when it comes to end user satisfaction.

Apart from Independent Integration & System Testing services following our stringent test strategy and planning to achieve a reliable & robust system, we also offer UAT (User Acceptance Testing) support in terms of providing full support to our client for adopting the right strategy and the process to ensure that the solution, which is being deployed, is functionally consistent and performs the way it is desired before it goes live.

Our core testing services are primarily focused in the following areas:

  • Test consulting – Test strategy and planning
  • Test execution (Integration testing, System testing)
  • UAT support
  • Test Automation (across the different lines of testing)
CRMIT Independent Validation Services (Testing)

CRMIT’s testing philosophy:

  • Analyze and articulate/quantify the translated business value of the solution that is being implemented/deployed.
  • Analyze and focus on end user requirements (including implied requirements).
  • Implement the right testing strategy with the right resources having the “testing” mindset.
  • Provide the right infrastructure and use the right automation tool(s) to ensure effective testing across the different lines of testing.
  • Effectively execute testing within the defined time lines and budget.
  • Ensure optimization mechanisms are applied to offer wide range of cost-effective testing solutions.
  • Ensure loop back mechanisms for constant improvements in processes.

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