Innovating to Support CX and Student Experience with Oracle CX Cloud Solutions

September 30, 2014


Current technology has changed the way higher education industry works, the way education institute manage and engage students are changing. Institutions interact with students at different stage, level and with different objective. The entire student life cycle across different stages required dedicated strategy and focus.

It could all start with Marketing and Communication, where institutions focus on marketing their educational services to potential prospects across multiple channels like email, website, social networks, digital advertising across key sites etc. Reaching out to right prospect, increasing traffic to their company website through different channels with below focus:

  • Education Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Social Web and Media Integration
  • E-Commerce and Self-Service capabilities

Technology plays a vital role in aligning and integrating student experience from the very 1st touch point of getting exposed to the institution and it’s offering to the phase of interacting to Institution sales rep, applying and getting enrolled in the institution through institution’s Sales, Enrollment and Operations strategy.

The student experience doesn’t end here but starts off for another stage/level where they collaborate, communicate internally among students / professors /staff/alumni for specific need through systems like Support Portal / Social Network. It could be related, but not limited to:

  • Academic enquiries – Fees, operation etc.
  • Collaboration/ Discussion over academic or project topics
  • Upcoming events etc.
  • Engaging communities for Students and Alumni
  • Communities of Practice and Peer-to-Peer solutions

Oracle CX stack of application helps in the entire student life cycle experience starting from initial touch point to explore and learn about Institution and its offering through Oracle Marketing Cloud application with Social Network capabilities or Self-Service capabilities on website through Oracle Service cloud applications to tap and provide right experience to student. Or let it be during the sales cycle for the institutions to know better about their students and their profile through integrated Sales Cloud application for better tracking and experience for student in – terms of latest information.

Later providing the right platform for enrolled students / alumni to collaborate, communicate using Oracle Social relationship Management with Self Service (for any enquiry, eligibility calculation etc.) from Service Cloud with Oracle Policy Automation.

About CRMIT Solutions:

Oracle Specialized PartnerCRMIT solution is the Oracle specialized partner for the Education Industry which means Oracle recognizes CRMIT Solutions for expertise in providing exceptional student experience with integrated multichannel.

Supporting and enhancing the ‘student experience’ throughout the student lifecycle (from first contact through to becoming alumni) is critical to the success in higher education today for both the student and the institution. The ability of institutions to create and manage their unique experiences will significantly allow them to differentiate their brand and compete in today’s increasingly competitive market. Creating and managing the students ‘ experience can impact each of these areas as well as support the unique vision and goals.

“We are proud to achieve OPN Specialized status in Education & Research. Education is critical for competing successfully and is becoming more ‘experiential’ in nature for not only creating, but also enhancing the students’ experience,” said Naga Chokkanathan, Senior Director, CRMIT Solutions. “Our continued commitment in this area offers a multichannel solution to enable this experience starting from self-service to assisted services, social to campus engagements, and web to mobile solutions.”

We are committed to provide customers with the best service in the industry. Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers and making them more efficient at what they do.

Testimony to Customer Excellence

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K Pankaj
Business Consultant – CX/CRM Industry Solutions
CRMIT Solutions


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