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June 14, 2012

One of our largest customers went live with their Oracle CRM On Demand #CRMOD implementation two days back. We already shared the feedback from the client here.

Guess what, there is more good news, We worked with Oracle on this implementation and they have sent some wonderful feedback as well. Very happy to share them with you:

In my seven years in Oracle, I know of no other partner that has bought the level of commitment and skills to the relationship that CRMIT has bought to not only this project, but several others

Wow, that’s great feedback, coming from our biggest partner, it means a lot to us. With so many CRM On Demand implementors out there, we take pride in differentiating ourselves with solid value addition to every project / customer we work on, using our solid product / implementation experiences, technical expertise and customer focus.

Thanks Oracle, and Congrats Team CRMIT!

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