Oracle Fusion CRM : Territory Management

March 12, 2012

Oracle Fusion CRM provides an easy to use Territory Management module, for sales teams to organize their sales regions into multiple territories, based on various criteria / Dimensions (Example : Geography, Product, Industry, Account etc.,)

Once these are decided and the territories are defined, we can attach metrics to them. These are used by the sales team members to track how well their territories are doing. (Example: Potential Market, Revenue etc.,)

For example, Let us say a particular vertical allows the market potential of 100 Million Dollars. You can create child territories under this market (based on one or more dimensions), assign a “Total Market Potential” and Owner to each one of them. Once this is done, the actual revenue billing can be assigned to these child territories for a comparison, how much of the potential these territories are meeting. Fusion CRM provides detailed graphical analytic tools for this purpose.

In addition to simple territory definition, you can also Validate your territories. This will present a detailed report in terms of

* Invalid Dimension Members
* Overlaps and
* Gaps

In case you find any issues with this result, you can always go back and correct your territory definitions. After that, don’t forget to revalidate and confirm everything is in place.

Once this is completed, the sales manager can assign quotas to each Territory defined. This can be done as an amount (Dollar value) or Percentage. You can even adjust the quota by manually defining it.

In addition to manual Quota assignment, you can also use an automated “Quota Distribution tool”, based on various factors (Past performance over ‘n’ years, custom mathematical formula, if required). This makes the assignment faster, and realistic.

Next, you need to apply Seasonality, which splits the quota into Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4.

Finally, we publish the quota for the corresponding owners to see and act on. Fusion CRM Automatically informs the territory owners that a quota is set for them.

As you can see in the above steps, Oracle Fusion CRM makes territory definition and assignment very easy and straightforward, so that the sales team can spend time on what they do best, selling!

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