CRMIT to realign North American operations to support customers and drive future growth

Actions to support customer growth and synergies beyond previously announced customer experience solutions. Realignment supports growth areas of the Cloud based Software and Platform “as-a-Service” business, including meaningful customer experience solutions.

Milpitas, US (Oct 29, 2015) – CRMIT Solutions Inc, today announced a series of actions to position the company to deliver an enhanced all-channel customer experience, accelerate financial performance and drive future success. Reflecting the company’s substantial customer acquisition and strong performance since the 2012, the initiatives are designed to enable CRMIT to invest greater resources in the areas of the business offerings, while leveraging strengths across its cloud-based customer experience solutions.


At Oracle Open World 2015, CRMIT Solutions today announced, the appointment of Head – Consulting & Customer Experience, Venkatesan Sundaram as the Vice President – Strategic Business Unit & Operations – North America. The annual Oracle OpenWorld 2015 conference, is being held in San Francisco from October 25 to 29, and brings together Oracle customers, its partners and prospective clients offering more than 2,500 educational sessions, key innovations and IT exhibitions.

The actions being announced for the North American business today include:

Establishing new Centers of Excellence for the Customer Experience Management, complementing the existing sales, marketing and customer support functions.

Consolidating key business functions to enable productive and efficient operations and refocus resources on customer-facing aspects of the business.

Implementing key industry and technology enhancements on Cloud, Mobile and Platform Services.

Aligning resources in business functions to match current and future business strategy while investing in areas that will drive growth.

Through organic growth, CRMIT Solutions has established itself as one of the key cloud-based customer experience solution providers in North America and a truly unique global company. This significant growth has created meaningful opportunities for us to further build our business while operating even more effectively. To that end, we are focused on taking the appropriate next steps to position CRMIT to deliver continued industry-specific performance solutions and long-term growth, while best delivering for our customers in a constantly evolving industry environment.commented, Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

The benefits from the realignment will support CRMIT’s overarching growth strategies, including continuing to strengthen its customer support capabilities and all-channel offering. In addition, the company will be investing in go-to-customer and marketing initiative through 2016. Overall, we are excited about the great opportunities that lie ahead and believe that our new North American structure puts us in an even better position for the future. As we move forward, we are ever mindful of CRMIT’s core values and winning ways, including being passionate about our customers success, acting with integrity in all we do, and building world-class teams,” Venkatesan Sundaram said.

About CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer Salesforce Managed Services Provider focusing on digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. Salesforce Managed Services involve the assessment of a customer’s environment to boost user adoption, allowing one to maximise the Salesforce Return on Investment. With over 200 certified CRM & business intelligence consultants and 1000+ successful deployments globally, CRMIT has successfully acquired customers across various domains, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial and human services.