CRMIT Solutions announces Customer Self Service Portal for enhanced Customer Experience

Milpitas, CA (Feb 11, 2013) – CRMIT Solutions, a leading cloud-based Customer Experience (CX) solution provider and system integrator today announced the launch of Customer Self Service Portal (SSP) version 2. This new SSP now leverages the extensibility of Oracle® Fusion CRM framework for delivering effective customer service in addition to its existing integration capability with Oracle® CRM On Demand.


One of the key features of the Customer Self Service Portal is the comprehensive knowledge management, service request tracking & managing capability to strengthen your relationships with your customers. The knowledge management capability enables you to create a one-to-one marketing and or support platform, letting you publish information to specific prospects and or customers. This empowers customers to request for information or log a service request from anywhere – anytime through this portal while leveraging the seamless integration capabilities with the best in market Customer Experience solutions like Oracle® CRM On Demand and Oracle® Fusion CRM.

Customer experience is a set of perception, a customer has with a company throughout the buying and owning interactions. Positive Customer Experience (CX)s enable businesses to attract more, retain more, sell more, sell for more, and do more.

“While CX isn’t just about technology, enabling great Customer Experience (CX)s at scale does require a wide range of software solutions and Oracle® is one of the only Customer Experience (CX) vendor that can claim it has every capability mentioned within a comprehensive Customer Experience (CX) portfolio offering, including Oracle® CRM On Demand and Oracle® Fusion CRM. The Customer Self Service Portal integration support for these offerings showcases our focus and commitment to extend the Customer Experience (CX) expertise to our existing and potential customers” said Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

“CRMIT is meeting the Customer Experience (CX) challenge continuously, by offering to our customers the knowledge, resources, and tools to identify their unique Customer Experience (CX) challenges and by helping to develop strategies to address those pain points. The CRM++ suite of products which include Self Service Portal, Computer Telephony Integration, Email Workbench and Social CRM++ are some of initiatives in this area” confirmed Naga Chokkanathan, Sr Director – Innovations, CRMIT Solutions.

About CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer Salesforce Managed Services Provider focusing on digital transformation solutions to deliver Customer360. Salesforce Managed Services involve the assessment of a customer’s environment to boost user adoption, allowing one to maximise the Salesforce Return on Investment. With over 200 certified CRM & business intelligence consultants and 1000+ successful deployments globally, CRMIT has successfully acquired customers across various domains, including manufacturing, healthcare, financial and human services.