CRMIT announces medical & healthcare practice management system to deliver HealthCARE360

CRMIT Solutions and CallADoc collaborate to integrate its pre-diagnosis chat bot with CRMIT’s medical & healthcare practice management system.

04 MARCH 2020 (Sydney, Australia) - CRMIT Solutions today announced a strategic collaboration to integrate CallADoc’s pre-diagnosis chat bot with HealthCARE360, CRMIT’s medical & healthcare practice management system.


HealthCARE360 is a web and mobile application for healthcare providers and organizations to engage with patients and manage their practice. The solution is best suited for multi-specialty clinics, hospitals and solo practitioners for both core medical and allied health services.

HealthCARE360 is built natively on Salesforce. The Patients, doctors and healthcare service providers can inherit the best of class capabilities of that platform including security, privacy, scalability, availability, and performance as certified against the highest global standards for cloud computing.

CallADoc is a patient-engagement platform powered by artificial intelligence and built on a mobile-first platform to provide a user-friendly interface for patients, doctors, and bots.

The collaboration will unlock new possibilities in the care experience by enabling healthcare providers to automate the delivery of dynamically rendered, personalized and time-sensitive digital content across both the clinical and operational aspects of a patient’s care journey.

The application is 100% native to Facebook Messenger and Salesforce. AI-enabled bot for Facebook Messenger makes it easier to pre-diagnose, triage and connect their patients with the appropriate medical services. “HealthCARE360 was started with a vision to allow Primary Care providers leverage cloud and the latest in digital to improve the patient-caregiver bond by offering a more accessible, personalized & one-to-one experience to their patients. We take pride in our understanding of the Patient-Provider relationship and have identified some often neglected but critical pain points along the patient journey, which we believe are pivotal to achieving the above mentioned outcomes. Addressing these in combination with improving internal efficiencies, is the USP of HealthCare360.” explained Saurabh Gupta, Chief Product Evangelist & AI Practice Lead, CRMIT Solutions, on the sidelines of Salesforce World Tour Sydney - Reimagined.

Earlier last week, Salesforce cancelled its physical regional world tour event for Sydney due to coronavirus concerns and has replaced it with a “Reimagined” version that will be streamed completely online.

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