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CRMIT Solutions Granted Patent to Improve Decision Making for Enterprises

CRMIT Solutions showcases innovation in decision science, responsible AI, and analytics through its patents.

Bengaluru, February 27, 2024 – CRMIT Solutions, a global provider of digital transformation and decision science solutions, is pleased to announce the recent grant of a patent for its groundbreaking “Method & System for CRM.” This innovative solution marks a significant advancement in their decision science landscape, addressing critical challenges and delivering unparalleled customer benefits.

CRMIT Solutions Granted Patent to Improve Decision Making for Enterprises
Patent Granted

This development comes at a crucial time when businesses are seeing the integration of technologies, including advanced AI with a social knowledge base.  Some of the key applications to this patent include

  • Healthcare Diagnostics - Power clinical decision support systems in making evidence-based decisions. These systems recommend diagnostic tests, treatment plans, & interventions.
  • Wealth Advisory - Incorporate financial-behavior principles and recommend diversified investment strategies based on their social network preferences that align with client's risk tolerance and financial goals.
  • Hitech SaaS Support - Predict customer service requests before they arise, enable proactive service resolution, and enhance overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Innovation is our DNA and our state-of-the-art innovation labs are proof that CRMIT Solutions is the company, not only for now but for what to come. Our patents, solutions, decision scientists, and engineers make up our development centers. That’s what’s behind our premier value mission.” explained Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

At the heart of CRMIT’s vision lies the Enterprise Innovation Lab, where the company leverages the power of Generative AI (including GPTs) and predictive intelligence. Through this pioneering program, CRMIT has successfully curated patents, proofs-of-concept, and minimum-viable products, enabling seamless digital transformations and agile decision making.

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CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer CRM Solutions Provider focusing on Salesforce digital transformation & decision intelligence solutions powered by Customer360++ (a proprietary AI and decision science framework). Customer360++ is a cutting-edge digital transformation framework designed to elevate your CRM from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to a Maximum Value Platform (MVP). For more information visit

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