Managed Capacity for Salesforce

Enabling resource continuity & flexible capacity planning. 

Managed Services for Salesforce Offerings
Having an efficient managed support for Salesforce is a key factor for success for enterprises when it comes to capacity utilization and optimization. CRMIT’s managed capacity solution for Salesforce ensures that enterprises make the most of their existing capacity and improve productivity at a reduced cost.

Why do you need
Managed Capacity services for Salesforce ?

Under utilization of resources

Over /Under utilization
of resources

Skill gaps & realignments

Skill gaps &

Project-specific skill augmentation

Project-specific skill

High operational cost due to time, budget or quality issues


How do you
Manage Capacity for Salesforce ?

Strategic alignment of resources

Strategic alignment
of resources

Optimal distribution of work

Optimal distribution
of work

Improved budget appropriation

Improved budget

Project-specific skill provisioning

skill provisioning

The CRMIT Advantage

Engage beyond traditional talent resourcing and emphasize optimal division of responsibilities through cost provisioning and labor arbitrage. This ensures that your strategic IT functions are aligned to your business needs while reducing costs and delivery time for operations and projects.

As your managed capacity partner, we help you with capacity utilization, resource productivity, resource performance, training, and backup planning.

Holistic Salesforce capacity model that bridges project-specific skill gaps
Holistic Salesforce capacity model that bridges project-specific skill gaps
Optimization of person-days with pre-negotiated contracts from vendors
Optimization of person-days with pre-negotiated contracts from vendors
Capping capacity spends on services availed
Capping capacity spends on services availed
Provisioning additional resources to address continuous improvements & change value
Provisioning additional resources to address continuous improvements & change value
On-demand allocation of seats at designated development centers
On-demand allocation of seats at designated development centers

Why choose CRMIT as your
Managed Capacity Service Partner for Salesforce?

You can buy from us a defined team of skills in recurrent schedules, for utilization under your management. We
maintain an uninterrupted reliable supply of the defined team of skills and schedules and expect you to utilize fully
the team in your program of salesforce related works. You can avail our services to either augment your existing
capacities or outsource cohesive professional capacities for your managers, while you continue to hold the OEM
Salesforce licenses. Here is a snapshot of what makes us stand out as your managed capacity partner for Salesforce.

What we offer

What you get

Managed Capacity for Salesforce FAQs

Yes, we as a Salesforce partner can work with you to tailor your Salesforce Managed Capacity package to meet the unique needs of your organization. This may include adding additional resources or customizing your capacity configuration to better meet your requirements.

Salesforce Managed Capacity has been designed to support the unique needs of your organization, including customizations and integrations. Our team of certified Salesforce professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your salesforce org is fully compatible with your capacity package and that you continue to receive the best possible performance and reliability.

Customer Success Stories

From an idea to an unforgettable and measurable customer experience


Managed Services for Salesforce
reduced operating costs by 22% for leading healthcare insurance provider


Simplify B2B customer experience with Managed Services for Salesforce (Global manufacturer of commercial flooring)

Drives productivity workflow integrated suite salesforce instance

Built a resilient Salesforce instance
that drives productivity and a seamless

matched with
customer success


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Years Of 

Customer Success

Customer Satisfication

Managed Services
Consulting Partner (Global)
Customer Satisfaction


Managed Services
Consulting Partner (Global)

Number of Projects

Managed Services
Consulting Partner (Global)
Number of Projects

Credentialed People

Managed Services
Consulting Partner (Global)
Credentialed People

* Partners with Salesforce Practice Size 200 and above. Ranking are as of November 2023. Please refer to find for current rankings

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Fast and seamless support resolutions with a flexible and scalable support system. Manage and maintain your Salesforce product stack, updates, releases, incidence and change management

Manage multiple projects, with tailor-made outcomes through issue triaging, innovation, and agile methodologies. Tooling and innovation for visible business values.

How Can We Help You?

Our managed capacity services for Salesforce are designed to ensure your business gets maximum ROI from your Salesforce investment

Salesforce Managed Services FAQs

We exclusively engage Salesforce-certified consultants for customer engagements, and we continue to invest in our team members' training and development, leading to 450+ Salesforce certifications. We believe this is a key differentiator and enables us to expertly serve all of our clients who need Salesforce Managed Services.

We are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and offshore development centre is located in Bangalore, India. Our Global Salesforce practice enables us to serve clients from any country around the globe.

When it comes to Salesforce managed Services, it is not usually the best practice to have a standard pricing. As this is custom dependent on the customer requirement and the services covered as part of the engagements and corresponding duration. We do have various engagement models including T&M, Fixed Pricing, Pay as you Consume and Hybrid Model.