Dreamforce 21 – Day 2 Takeaways

September 23, 2021
Dreamforce 2021 - Day 2 Takeaways

After the roaring success of day 1, CRMIT team is overjoyed, reminiscing epic moments, big, bold announcements, and an ever-growing Salesforce ecosystem. Dreamforce2021 Day 2 that maximized learning through 20 different sessions, started with a futuristic conversation hosting Salesforce Co-Founder & CTO Parker Harris.

Dreamforce 2021 - Salesforce CTO Parker Harris
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Fascinatingly, he mentioned an employee is like a ‘recruited soldier’, and every company has to retain an extended family, ours is called Salesforce ʻOhana. Spoken like a true leader, he declares ‘success’ for him is following values and having an impact on other people’s lives. He was asked candidly about his family interests, his take on Salesforce costumes 🙂 and so much more. Only wrapping it up by talking about #Dreamforce2022, when he looked at his ‘events marketing’ team and said with a huge confident smile ‘much bigger, safer, and more in line with a new world that is less restricted.’

Tableau: Unleash the power of your data

The Tableau Developer Portal, is a new hub for all API at Tableau. The Tableau DataDev community can now access everything they need to keep their skills sharp, including tutorials, webinars, the latest news, and even their own personal development sites—as well as all the exciting, brand-new content coming only to the portal.

Plus, portal access means DataDevs can easily find support and relevant tools to help them create extensions, web data connectors, embedded solutions, and other integrations.

Build Your DIGITAL HQ With Salesforce Architects

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Have you heard of it? Salesforce announced a new portal for all Trailblazer architects  on Day 2! They can now discuss large data volumes, identify structural bottlenecks, optimize search and query performance, ease transaction complexities within Salesforce implementations. Trailblazers who learn regularly have been able to shoulder seamless platform responsibilities, user adoption experiences and business outcomes from anywhere.

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You waited for Salesforce to release the shape library for Lucidchart? The wait is over.

Built right on the foundation of our Salesforce diagramming framework, the Salesforce shape library in Lucidchart will not only bring consistency and speed to the process of creating Salesforce diagrams, but will also help you better align your teams and partners around standardized design principles and consistent implementation standards.

A few templates you saw in the Architect main show are already GA, including a Business Capability Map, Single Org Architecture, Center of Excellence Operating Model…and more on the way!  

Health Cloud: The New Era of Transformation

Health Cloud 2.0 is seen as a technology designed to empower businesses and governments to deliver better health and safety for their employees, customers, and communities. At Dreamforce Salesforce also deployed Dreampass, a new part of the Health Cloud 2.0 portfolio. Dreampass enables robust and scalable COVID-19 safety protocols for in-person attendees, including managing proof of vaccination, integrating with testing vendors, and delivering automated personalized communications throughout the process to help ensure a safer environment for attendees, staff, and the community.

The Art of Transformation

The next VIP session sponsored by Deloitte featured Will Smith and Jessica Ross, SVP Finance from Salesforce. Unlike a celebrity endorsement, this was a legendary trailblazer who has transformed Salesforce ‘Ohana through innovation, inspiration, and his experience. He just finished writing his book where he talks about never giving up.

He spoke about soul purpose and stated; “It can’t just be about generational wealth, it has to be about generational purpose.” And that technology itself is about reliable connections and partnerships that work together. His most impressive line was the emphasis on how fragile and defensive the human mind can be and how difficult it is to live more authentically with changing relationships. 

Dreamforce 2021 - The Art of Transformation
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Right Here, Right Now: The Power of Community

Salesforce Community will always be the most cherished and yet one has to realize, it is made up of small micro-communities. One small part of this microsystem is the support from America’s largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network, Big Brothers Big Sisters. The session hosted three distinguished guests, Artis Stevens, Michael Drake from the University of California, and Jacqueline Berry from 3M educational initiatives. They discussed healthy relationships that can come from higher diverse education cultures, more virtual and hybridized forms of delivery and services.  Last but not least, to scale the power of community how each one must work towards accentuating a more people-oriented system – students with more passion and employers with more humanitarian purpose.

Dreamforce 2021 - Power of Salesforce Community
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Other than the emphasis on communities and trailblazer moments, there are small features of fresh entrepreneurs like Ayo Oshinaike, from Foodspace technology who spoke about the Salesforce team helping his company. We know… just when you thought it’s all about people, and simultaneously switch to other streaming channels of Salesforce+ we found conversations that enumerate the robust technical platform capabilities.

Integrate Everything, Automate Anything with MuleSoft

Dreamforce 2021 - Salesforce Integration with MuleSoft
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MuleSoft helps Salesforce customers translate customer requirements into interface specifications. Empowering business applications to connect fast within a few clicks. There are several great MuleSoft sessions led by product experts on topics ranging from unleashing the power of Salesforce Customer 360 with APIs to the future of admin success. Integrate applications and data instantly, compose a 360-degree view and build automation much faster. The MuleSoft team also illustrated an example of their client AT&T admin dashboard making changes to the store using Slack integration and NetSuite Connector by simply dragging and dropping containers and features at the backend. A revolutionary backend user access that is controlled and saves time.

Connected to the Admin panel as it is the most important section of any application, Dreamforce had a brilliant session that ran parallel to MuleSoft, ‘Future of Admin Success’.

Dreamforce 2021 - Future Of Admin Success
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They showcase the Flow builder that has plenty of Demo screens and case studies for Admins to study, and within a few clicks – personalized dashboard. They help Salesforce trailblazers understand how-to for the first time create a screen flow in SLACK and summarize it for others to learn. Future of admin app-building – latest conversations will hold an interesting addition – the ‘Permission Sets’ for the customer records. A quick sneak peek into the app builder claimed that it is completely secure to share the customized version with more control on the versions this time. We are saying that ‘Administration’ isn’t easy, but with Salesforce community support it’s now a cakewalk. Do reach out to CRMIT to understand how we can help you refine the entire complex platform issues at your end.

Marc Benioff Makes a reappearance with Jay Farner

The Salesforce founder is very serious about sustainability, innovation, philanthropy, and generating trust for customers this Dreamforce 2021. His discussions with Jay Farner from Rocket on market expansion opportunities for Financial planners was an interesting deviation from the norm. Jay mentioned that #Mortgage is complicated. People whom they engage need to understand that it’s more than complex paperwork, and it should be just as much as an emotional decision with the broker who is on the field. Marc did add that, Dan started a faster way to get a mortgage and empower the industries around. Jay further elaborated on the ideas he had with the radical concept of ‘mortgage in a box’.  Disrupting technology that helps people buy mortgages just like how Amazon delivers a product, however, people don’t trust the complexity that underlines the current experience.

Source: #Dreamforce Event

Another new innovation and the entrepreneurial idea of solar financing which Jay mentioned after he saw the Pittsburgh house roof transformation that helps the city Go-green and eliminates the electric bills eventually. Clearly, solar financing is a huge growth category. Jay wants to take it one step further by Leaning into consultation too – trusted advisors for the clients have the installation vendor appraised – Giving Rocket an edge over other companies.

Marc concluded by saying ‘business is the greatest pipeline for change’, wishing 26-year-old Rocket the best for their future. Giving hours, giving back, and giving to ignite philanthropy is the main aim behind giving a platform to speak at Dreamforce 2021. The impact of standardizing corporate citizenship in the heart of Salesforce and partner organizations.

Information Security Playbook

Privacy is a ‘hush’ issue at every corporate organization. Secretly budgets are cut, and cutting corners for privacy and cyber security is a costly mistake just because different stakeholders have different priorities. Today, many organizations have faced the impact of data compromises that are jaw-dropping SaaS applications have an infinite number of privacy settings, and yet some human eyes tend to miss simple settings like not shutting down old emails. Dreamforce as a platform has voiced concerns about the Dearth of visibility and wants the world to come together to address alignment. They want everyone to understand that data protection is a team sport.

Source: #Dreamforce Event

Playbook revealed at Dreamforce is a game-changer. It is called posture management – SaaS Security Posture Management that is done by Salesforce in-house ‘OWN aligned. Data Sensitivity for industries will change if each one realizes that “you own data protection just as much as you own your data”. So to protect yourself from Security & Data Loss incidents, as Gartner says 99% of data failures are the customers’ fault, not the SaaS provider. Dreamforce team of speakers recommends reducing your risk by using a framework with the right controls, monitoring, and backups to protect your data.

Other unforgettable sessions that impressed us at CRMIT on Day 2 were the Black Women in Leadership, to quote, “We have to create workplaces where Black women don’t just survive, we thrive.” Global perspectives on Advertising and another session on 6 guiding principles for CRM adoption, which included important reminders like being prepared for ‘Change Management’, ‘lead by example’, getting ‘leadership buy-in’, and regular feedback & user committees.

As Parker mentioned at the start of the day, creativity is cherished at Salesforce! So much more to learn, looking forward to the Day 3 #Dreamforce team – do keep it coming!

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