Dreamforce 21 – Day 1 Takeaways

September 22, 2021

“Welcome Back to Dreamforce!” Post-COVID, this does feel like a huge achievement! The most incredible and exciting aspect of being in a Salesforce Ecosystem is learning from the greater community. That belongingness, those success stories of trailblazers, the MVP after parties, and watching it LIVE are clearly what keeps the excitement intact.

As Marc Benioff, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Salesforce mentioned, “Trusted Enterprise will be made by you, our trailblazers.”

As always, the Dreamforce team carves something for everyone every year, and this was no different in San Francisco, with 1000+ invite-only in-person attendees, 4 streaming channels, 150 sessions, 124 hours of content, 60+ speakers, and 160,000+ Salesforce+ viewers online. Yes, that’s the new streaming platform.

Behind the LIVE Stream of DF21

The strategic approach to live stream the Dreamforce 2021 event nails the ‘New Normal’ dynamics that cater to the #remote workforce training, event, and networking opportunities of the connected world. The cloud computing capabilities of Salesforce join hands with Disney’s streaming abilities. Going forward, the cookie-less future requires a strong streaming platform to inspire Trailblazers and the world around them to consume quality content. All the inspiring stories of CEOs, MVP’s and Trailblazer success of Salesforce individuals who have been upskilled, reskilled and deployed from hairdresser to Senior Vice President at prestigious companies. In case you are attending the Live stream, Disney+ awards 12 months of free subscription to all eligible trailblazers. All you need to do is use your Trailblazer ID on Salesforce+, and watch a live or on-demand Dreamforce 2021 session by 3:00 p.m. PT on September 23.

Day 1 #Dreamforce 2021 Session Details

Day 1 DF21 sessions detail around saving the planet by going NetZero on Carbon levels, business acceleration, and growth. Gaining more customer trust! Bridging the “Trust Crisis” at hand due to the lack of Sustainability, Wildfire Pandemic, Workforce Changes, and Inequality.

Dreamforce Day 1 Agenda

Source: #Dreamforce Event

Marc and Brett Taylor, President and COO, who cohosted the first session together, brought forward examples of emergency Salesforce platform implementations during the pandemic in New York and other countries.

City Council Jessica Tisch and the NY Mayor were both present to thank the trailblazers worldwide who worked remotely to set it up within weeks. She spoke about how the Platform was capable of shouldering “any challenge and change” during COVID relief measures.

Marc and Brett, spoke about Salesforce, working towards a better world for the future generation, diversity, equality, and COVID relief. How do they want to do it? They reveal the Dreamforce #Playbook.

The Playbook for a Trusted Enterprise

playbook trusted enterprise
Source: #Dreamforce Event

They continued to stream customer interactions with top of the line customer implementations, segmenting them into, Customer 360 for Mercedes, Digital HQ for IBM, and Sustainability for Engie. New Salesforce and Slack innovations empower companies to build their Digital HQ. Annual Salesforce #DF21 extravaganza kicks off and reveals, global brands like Domino’s, Intuit, and Splunk are running their digital HQ with Salesforce and Slack Innovations that enable enterprise-level collaboration.

customer360 digitalHQ sustainability
Source: #Dreamforce Event

The program continued on 4 different channels that were marked on Day 1, with a lineup of 60+ speakers that were introduced other than the panel of clients, inhouse Salesforce team, partners, and trailblazers.

CRMIT Belongs to #Trailblazers Ecosystem

Service cloud has 19 episodes, Sales Cloud has 21 episodes, Sustainability hosts 17 Episodes and Connections holds 19 episodes full of awe-inspiring growth stories and Salesforce implementation secrets.

continuous improvement

Trailblazing entrepreneurs like Mom Relaunch, from humble beginnings, share their profitable business idea like that of a ‘Chief Nurturing Officer’, scale conversions, secrets that reveal their journey, and why they love being part of the Salesforce partner ecosystem.

Bingo! Trailblazer ecosystem numbers were revealed – there are 15 million trailblazers, 1300 community groups, and 90 countries that support the Salesforce ecosystem. The sessions were molded around powerful concepts like:

  • Leading through Change on how leaders in business and other fields are adapting to the changes caused by COVID
  • The Inflection Point features interviews hosted by Monica Langley that reveal a different side of some of today’s leading CEOs like Paypal’s Dan H. Schulman. 
  • Boss Talks, a mentorship and career advice series hosted by Ebony Beckwith 
  • Connections, a marketing series hosted by Sarah Franklin, who, for example, interviewed Strava CEO on location to learn long-standing tactics
  • Simply put, a short-form series that shows how businesses are solving complex industry-wide problems and explains these solutions in jargon-free, easy-to-understand language.
dreamforce2021 speakers
Source: #Dreamforce Event

Global Impact of Salesforce Platform

Salesforce gives revolutionary detailing with technology platforms like Einstein! As customers, you have access to a low code, no code platform that is built with predictive AI Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Number one CRM is also the most efficient one with a huge market share, # Lightning fast adoption, and platform mobility compared to other CRMs. The emphasis that underlines the Ecosystem mentions everything is connected! 

In addition, to these impactful software features, more innovations and integrations are introduced to the existing framework like Customer 360 cloud; Slack joins the #Dreamforce facilitating more conversations and connections for the remote workforce. The co-founder of Salesforce, Parker Harris joined Marc Benioff in the keynote to talk about the capabilities of Einstein, which has 100B+ predictions a Day! 

They elaborate how #Bots have joined forces with remote work needs, helping customers, partners, and Salesforce employees reduce their stress levels and enjoy work. From bakeries, online shopping portals, and logistics today needing Facial recognition, security enhancements, a Salesforce platform, and the marketplace, AppExchange brings in the smartest CRM, Salesforce. 

Once the platform pulls the data, the account, connect, contact, opportunity data, emails, and social details, it algorithmically aligns and delivers an IoT experience. In the Sales cloud, it guides you in predictive lead scoring, opportunity insights, and account management, and in the Service Cloud, the bot then connects you with the calendar and email. Observing data and patterns over time, one can make future predictions using the SF #CRM.

dreamforce2021 event
Source: #Dreamforce Event

Takeaways from Day 1

Building on the Digital Imperative

A change in the organizational thought process spearheads digital transformation in companies. Exponential growth in Digital technology is inevitably fast-paced, and industries today need to balance with the government and social ecosystem. CRMIT supports our clients through this transition with the changing times. Consult us for more Salesforce implementation success stories.

Digital HQ with #Slack

Salesforce’s investment in a $27.7 billion valued acquisition of Slack Technologies has been a strategic move to facilitate a remote workspace where each conversation is made in a secure, chronological, and digital manner. Clearly, standing firm on the vision of enabling success from anywhere, anytime.

#Einstein Automate

Salesforce Einstein Automate ensures high volume, industry-specific workflows, and functional business responsibilities that are automated for faster results. This #new solution from Salesforce combines their Artificial Intelligence and Integration capacities’ to derive more value and time for a client-centered business targeted growth and activities. 

The Workforce Crisis

Salesforce invests and looks forward to resolving the Workforce crisis created by the pandemic. The labor market has been affected and needs worldwide support the Fortune 1000 companies to recover from the loss of skill sets, infrastructure and health hazards. Salesforce has initiated regional expansion across the ANZ and ASEAN territories through partners like CRMIT to stabilize the ecosystem.

Salesforce Hyperforce

Hyperforce is the new infrastructure offering from Salesforce. B2B and B2C need elasticity of the public cloud to scale; #Salesforce allows more flexibility and additional efficiencies by partnering with local partners to ensure Better Performance. Now clients can witness a reduction in implementation time from something that took months to mere weeks thanks to Hyperforce. Ever-increasing data storage is regulated and compliant to secure all information and technology that helps customers support the growing digital workforce capacities. 

Sun has set at #Dreamforce Day 1 – Amazing, inspiring, and more fun sessions tomorrow! Visit for more details!

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