Salesforce Service Cloud improves First Call Resolution

(Australian Consumer Goods Retailer)

Salesforce Service Cloud improves First Call Resolution


Australian Consumer Goods Retailer




Retail – Ecommerce

Salesforce Service Cloud proves Case Management

The client is an Australian luxurious clothing and accessories merchandiser, successful and recognized for more than 80+ years.

World-renowned consumer goods retailer of luxury clothes, bags, accessories, boots, and more fashion goods that are featured in their premium catalog.

The client required a unified customer experience after being recently acquired by a global fashion group with several top brands under their flagship. The change required the retailer to empower support teams; handle and resolve first interaction customer calls, emails, and other support requests.


The challenge was to maximize First-Call Resolution and thereafter improve case management and service excellence. Additionally, deploying a Service Cloud implementation for proper customer complaint case records and order management. An important metric for monitoring customer service is the First Call Resolution. Which required everyone to create new/update tickets, cases, and events across all integrated systems.

The client needed consistent and categorized customer support operations visible in a multi-user-driven dashboard. A streamlined service cloud portal that aligns the entire backend cycle that processes, B2C orders placed by customers and then serves them with after-sales support. A support system is needed to manage all the orders for premium footwear, luxurious Australian exclusive boots, and apparel for both men and women.


CRMIT deployed Service Cloud to leverage quick turnaround time to close customer complaints if any at short notice. The solution helped assess end customer requirements and effectiveness through an all-in-one dashboard glance of bulk orders placed regularly. Service Cloud enables support teams to automatically update call logs, and let agents be informed of cases/tickets raised in real-time.

The Service Cloud enabled authorized role-based user access, that has a single shared view across the customer records for proper case management at each touchpoint. The solution included standard email template customizations to match client brand requirements. Team set up custom objects (19+ objects) across the dashboard to give a holistic view across the entire customer journey. The Salesforce Service Cloud Quick Start Package is a limited engagement implementation in as early as 6 weeks.

More sprints were required to balance the work, as the project was full of customizations, and that required additional UI Testing post every change. A lot of time was utilized to plan and test the portal as it had several email templates and content uploads. CRMIT’s Quality Assurance team prepared test data in the test environment and executed test cases, reported defects and documented them, and finally, prepared a test closure document to record the challenges. The team can even ensure Service Cloud Managed Services takes care of long-term goals like customer satisfaction.

CRMIT configured various user permission sets & field-level security on the channels. A team aligned multiple case assignment rules that align with the client’s business objectives and strategy. Link to the external repository and case management (creation channels, queue, and assignments) were also developed with at most care of utilizing brand details.


  • Increased turnaround time (TAT) on order fulfillment cycle to manage orders once placed
  • Resolve cases faster by merging powerful dashboards & automated processes
  • Improved the turnaround time for onboarding new clients, conversation email journey, tracking, reporting, and related approvals
  • Enhanced service satisfaction to retain the brand value and legacy
  • Fix issues, track, and support cases with proven workflows
  • Maximize agent productivity with an exhaustive knowledge base

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