CRMIT Solutions Announces New Tagline “Customer Success Partner”

22 Dec 2015 Milpitas, CA

CRMIT Solutions announced an engaging new tagline, “Customer Success Partner” , that replaces its previous “Solutions On Demand” tagline and reflects the company’s commitment to making customers successful for their businesses along with the promise that customers are invited to take part in shaping CRMIT’s future.

“Customer Success Partner”, evokes the forward-looking and optimistic momentum of CRMIT Solutions, globally. It invites customers on a journey of making their customers successful, understanding and engaging their customers through the customer journey. The tagline will debut globally in January 2016, as part of the campaign for the radically new customer experience solutions, an embodiment of CRMIT Solutions’ new direction.

The new tagline is the result of extensive engagements, surveys and feedback's from longtime customers. CRMIT realized that the current model was not focused enough and required to work closely enough with customers as trusted advisors to build a proper revenue stream. Beginning in 2016, “Customer Success Partner”, will be integrated into all of CRMIT Solutions’ national and global advertising, engagement, communications and digital channels across all segments.

“It is energetic, aspirational, inclusive and very versatile. The phrase conveys our renewed commitment and assurance in a trusted advisory engagement which is beyond a traditional implementation and solution provider. Customers Success will be our cornerstone of engagements including quick first-level support and troubleshooting, which can often solve many issues directly. The new tagline is our expression of optimism and the promise of exciting innovation that enriches customers touchpoints. It allows our associates, customers, and partners to interpret it in ways that are most personally relevant to them” says Vinod Reddy, CEO, CRMIT Solutions.


CRMIT Solutions is a pioneer in delivering SaaS based CRM consulting & solutions. With over 200+ certified CRM consultants and over 175+ successful CRM deployments globally, CRMIT Solutions offers CRM++ applications for accelerated deployments including various rapid implementation & migration utilities for Oracle Fusion CRM. CRMIT Solutions is one of the largest Cloud based CRM deployment partners with several leading Fortune 1000 companies spread across various domains including banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Education, retail, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, energy, telecom, etc. Apart from that, CRMIT Solutions has also successfully accomplished 100+ CRM training engagements globally

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