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Salesforce Quote-to-cash Process

The Lead to Quote to Cash solution addresses both front and back-office stakeholders to enable increased revenues, extended profit margins, and regulatory compliance. The solution works across multiple industries for direct sales, resellers, distributors, and online sales. Quote to cash allows you to personalize presentations for each customer and meet their specific requirements.
Implementation Services

Implementing Configure-Price-Quote tools is more than just installing quote to cash. Your preferred Salesforce Partner – defines key areas to make sure Configure-Price-Quote tools are up and running right the first time.

Managed Services

Adapt and manage rapid change to your evolving business processes and Configure-Price-Quote tools accordingly. See how outsourcing to your preferred Salesforce Partner can save your organization time and resources.

AI & Visualization

Leverage AI expertise and what-if discounting patterns along with data visualization to enable Smart Quotes. Get in touch with our certified developers and quote to cash consultants to accelerate your sales processes.

How Quote to Cash Accelerates Your Sales process?

Quote to Cash Accelerates
Select and Configure

Surface appropriate combination of goods and services via automatic recommendations.

Define Quote and Price

Pre-configured price quote templates to enable discount slabs, promotions, and offers.

Propose and Contract

Append dynamic terms and conditions along with contracts to mitigate revenue risks.

Order and Renew
Order and Renew

Quote to cash salesforce auto-generates subscriptions and renewals with simple and smart price quotes.

Bill and Collect
Bill and Collect

Eliminate quote to invoice and discounted price errors. Manage accurate and timely bill disposals to customers.

Analyze and Forecast
Analyze and Forecast

Gather actionable leads quote-to-cash process insights and their impact on pipeline and revenue forecasts in real-time.


Accelerate & Mobilize Sales

Customer Success Stories

From an idea to an unforgettable and measurable customer experience


Salesforce Managed Services reduced operating costs by 22% for leading healthcare insurance provider


Simplify B2B customer experience with Salesforce Managed Services (Global manufacturer of commercial flooring)

Drives productivity workflow integrated suite salesforce instance

Built a resilient Salesforce instance
that drives productivity and a seamless

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customer success


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Quote-to-cash Benefits

Timely and Simple

Configure price quote that is accurate, timely, and simple to understand. This could just seal the deal for your company. It is possible to completely speed up and smoothen the quote to cash process by preprogramming specific rules for bulk discounts, approvals, and customizations.

Increased Renewals

Renewals are a guaranteed stream of money for the business. Your clients will receive and pay their invoices faster as a result of better alignment, fewer errors, and a smoother quote-to-cash salesforce workflow. That means more satisfied customers who return.

Fewer Errors

Sales, finance, and accounting teams will have fewer manual tasks to perform with the quote-to-cash process. This means less potential for erroneous or double-entry. There will be no errors at all at key steps such as drafting an agreement or creating invoices.

360° View of Workflow

Obtaining a deep dive into sales data and KPIs will allow you to make real-time adjustments to sales and marketing initiatives. Upselling, cross-selling, and contract renewal revenue opportunities are now easier to take advantage of.

Smoother Processes

Each of the phases in the quote to cash salesforce is customer-centric and interconnected. They are essentially combined into a unified technology-driven business process that continues through the process of negotiating, collecting, and preparing for the next sale.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Complicated pricing structures can lead to customers dropping the purchase. Quote to cash offers faster and clearer invoice generation and seamless payment options that improve customer satisfaction.

Better Metrics

Simultaneously track and holistically analyze a number of performance metrics throughout the process in one unified dashboard. Now you can obtain maximum value to every unit that is part of the quote to sales process, and the organization as a whole.

Improved Analytics

Earlier, data reporting and analysis across each step was non-viable. Performance data could only enhance singular functions like order management and invoicing. With quote to cash, every function in the sales process can be improved.

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