Telephony Integration – A smarter way to make and receive calls inside Oracle CRM

July 28, 2015

CTI for Oracle CRMEnhance your customer interaction, service, and satisfaction with CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration for Oracle CRM

Are you still manually dialing telephone numbers, looking up contacts, and capturing telephone call information by hand? Moreover, which sounds better? “Who is this?” or “Thank you for calling us Mark!” Clearly, the latter.

In business, every call you make and receive counts. Too much information is lost because it is not extracted effectively from phone calls, and thus the salespeople miss huge opportunities to get strong insights about who they are calling. So, it is indeed very important to equip your sales reps and agents with the right resources – tools, and information to interact with your customers.

Your CRM is where data lives, and the more data in the CRM, the more insight and power you have as a business. So, it makes sense that when your telephone rings, your CRM knows about it, who it is, who it spoke to, and how long it spoke. A perfect sync between your CRM and the phone system is just what you need so you can stop juggling and start managing your calls smartly from CRM.

Integrating Call/Contact Center Telephony Infrastructure with your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software gives you tools to manage customer connections in real-time. The advantages of this integration are robust communication management, including accurate information logging, reduced data loss, increased employee efficiency and speed, and more.

Why CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration?

So, what do you get being a CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration enabled organization?  Or maybe a better question is, “Why would I integrate my telephony system with Oracle CRM, and what is the end objective?”

The #1 reason why an organization implements Computer Telephony Integration within their CRM system is to reduce costs, improve productivity levels, and seamlessly manage customer interactions.  The idea is to create efficiencies within the system that allow the organization to maximize the time a user spends helping the customer and minimize the amount of time spent searching or entering data into the system.  How does Computer Telephony Integration do that?  To answer that question, let’s talk about the various benefits associated with Computer Telephony Integration and explain how they help your users:

Computer Telephony Integration with Oracle CRM

CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration enables you to optimize your investment in your Oracle CRM and Telephone infrastructure, providing a seamless telephony integration with Oracle CRM delivered in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner.

CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration framework offers direct access to extended telephony functions that enable a comprehensive call center or contact center solution. Based on a Telephony Application Programming Interface, CRM++ CTI Framework directly integrates various telephony solutions with the Oracle Cloud Platform.

CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration framework provides unifying access to contact center functionalities including both Inbound (screen pop-up) and Click-to-Dial (outbound integration) functions. Inbound integration enables the display of relevant information about the caller (360° customer view) to the agent as they answer the phone – name, address, outstanding orders, or cases. The Click-to-Dial (outbound call) feature helps one-click phone calling functions and captures the call notes, resolution type, and call reasons with the built-in Call Wrap-Up feature.


  • Inbound and click-to-dial action call handling
  • Automatic call wrap-up
  • Caller ID & multiple call support
  • Customer interaction screen to record and track a series of ongoing customer activities
  • Support for multiple sites with different telephone systems
  • Support for both Voice Over IP (VOIP) and standard telephone systems
  • Customizable user preferences
  • Call history and missed call logging


  • Comprehensive CRM platform with unified screen-based telephony
  • Streamlined telephony activity within your business
  • Improved customer relationships, service levels, and customer satisfaction
  • Increased telephone call efficiency
  • Manage Service Request life cycle, submission – follow-up – closure
  • Personalized telephone interaction – identifying callers automatically
  • Increased business productivity
  • Improved reporting & collaborative activity management

Thus CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration helps you increase first-call resolution, decrease average handle time, and reduces cost-per-call, thereby improving customer satisfaction.

Available on Oracle Marketplace


CRM++ Computer Telephony Integration is also available on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, which helps provides Oracle Cloud customers find the best applications to meet their needs through an easily searchable interface.

CRM++Computer Telephony Integration is listed along with the relevant details to help customers determine their value for their organizations, including user ratings and reviews.

Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage in your industry is never easy. Leverage  CTI technology to take a step in the right direction. Your agents, company, and customers will benefit as a result.

About CRMIT Solutions

CRMIT Solutions is constantly focusing on two areas in product development – bringing unique, innovative CX/CRM cloud solutions to the market and continuing to expand out-of-box integration. As more and more businesses move towards an IP-based telephony system, having tight integration between telephone systems and CRM is critical to improving productivity and a better end-user experience.

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