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The client is a provider of flexible workspace solutions that cater to the needs of modern businesses. They offer a variety of options including traditional offices, shared workspaces, and office suites with private amenities. With over 700 locations worldwide, in 150 cities and 38 countries, the company has established a global presence and is well-equipped to provide workspace solutions to businesses of all sizes. In the US alone, they have a strong presence with multiple locations in major cities. This allows their clients to have the flexibility to work wherever they need to be and helps them to scale up or down as needed.


The company faced several business challenges related to revenue management and customer experience. This includes inefficient and fragmented revenue management processes, limited visibility into revenue performance, complex billing and pricing structures and compliance with revenue recognition standards. These challenges resulted in difficulty managing revenue data and tracking sales performance, errors and delays in generating invoices and tracking payments, difficulty generating accurate revenue reports and reconciling data from different sources, and difficulties in forecasting and planning revenue, impacting the overall growth strategy of the company.


We as a preferred Salesforce Implementation partner, successfully implemented a complex Salesforce Revenue Cloud solution to help customer achieve their business objectives. This solution includes Salesforce Billing, which takes care of the overall payment system, including invoicing, payments, transactions, credit and debit allocations.

Furthermore, the implementation of Salesforce Revenue Cloud has enabled the customer to accelerate new revenue streams, improve revenue efficiency, and make the buying process faster and easier. The integration of CPQ, Billing, Subscription Management with Partner Relationship Management, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud capabilities has allowed the customer to take control of their revenue growth across every channel.

With the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform, Revenue Cloud has enabled connected sales, partner and finance teams operations, creating a single source of truth for revenue and customer transactions, from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition. In addition, the documentation support from Conga ensures a single source of truth for all financial transactions of the existing customers.

To ensure seamless integration with multiple external systems, Salesforce Billing has been integrated with Spaceman for inventory management, IxoPay for payment management, Kyriba for transactions, Peoplesoft for tax systems, Accounting Central, and MuleSoft.


  • Customer satisfaction level rose by 12% through Reduced errors and improved accuracy.
  • Sales rise by 27% through quick completion of customer payments using IXOPAY integrations.
  • Centralized system to manage payments, it becomes easier to ensure compliance with financial regulations.
  • Standardized billing has been implemented across different countries, resulting in a unified and consistent approach to financial management


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