Simplifying Salesforce Development with DevOps implementation

Salesforce DevOps

The client is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells modular carpets and resilient flooring, with a commitment to becoming the world’s first environmentally sustainable and restorative business. They have design and manufacturing operations located in various countries around the world and provide dynamic sales and service catalogs that cater to different markets, channels, and countries.


As a Salesforce Managed Services Partner to a major Carpet Manufacturing company in the US, one of the first challenges which CRMIT needed to address was manual and error-prone Salesforce releases, causing delays in delivering new Salesforce features and functionalities for the company’s sales & service staff and for its customers. The company had faced challenges in maintaining transparency and visibility across its cross-functional teams, which led to miscommunication and delayed issue resolution.


CRMIT ran a health check on the existing Salesforce deployment process and proposed a 3- month plan to implement DevOps using GitHub Enterprise for version control and Gearset, a leading Salesforce DevOps solution provider, to address the challenges. GitHub was already used extensively throughout. Automating testing was not in the scope of this release.

To begin with and probably the most significant step in the process, was to establish the need for DevOps amongst teams. Chosen members from across personas: Administrators, Developers, QAs, PMs/Release Managers, were trained to experience the ease of use of the tool(s) and the extent of automation, control & visibility which the tools will bring to the release management process.

The second step was to set up source control, configure environments & pipelines in Gearset and then find a pilot deployment to test and validate with. The quoting process in Salesforce for one of the regions needed a substantial change soon after and was used for the pilot. It involved a couple of agile squads working in parallel. QA was manual. Teams were provided the necessary support they needed given it was their first time with the new process. A Salesforce DevOps Engineer from CRMIT would also be a part of scrums to ensure adherence and swiftly address adoption challenges and bottlenecks if any.

Finally, in the process was a retrospective to gather feedback and course correction(s) which also formed the basis of a Salesforce DevOps implementation playbook which CRMIT eventually put together to document the new process and ensure continuity.


After the 3-month implementation and subsequent adoption by all teams, significant improvements have been seen in the Salesforce release process. Deployment time for smaller changes has now come down to 2 days and can be further brought down with QA automation. More importantly, deployments are accurate which has led to fewer failing tests as changes progress through environments, lot more security in deployed changes, and greater predictability in meeting project timelines.

The combination of these improvements had a direct impact on meeting evolving customer expectations and delivering new features and functionalities faster.

Overall, CRMIT’s expertise in implementing Salesforce DevOps using Git and Gearset helped overcome the release management challenges, improve transparency and visibility, and meet evolving customers’ expectations.

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CRMIT embodies the values of reliability and excellence, delivering high-quality solutions that consistently exceed expectations. Working with them has been a pleasure, and I highly recommend them as a skilled and trustworthy partner.

Senior Manager, Portfolio Services Leader | Salesforce


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