The Future of Oracle CRM On Demand: Roadmap and Strategy for Continuous Innovation

October 2, 2014

continuous innovation and value to customers

The future of Oracle CRM On Demand:

Oracle CRM on Demand or simply OCOD, is presently 26 releases old. This and few of the releases in the recent past indicates the commitment Oracle has towards this product. Also, it has brought in sigh of relief among Oracle’s customers and partners who otherwise thought that the product has reached its end and Oracle would show apathy towards it.

Below paragraphs are attempts to summarize a list of reasons why one should look forward for using OCOD instead of looking for alternatives.

Mobile capabilities

It is out in open, Mobile and Cloud technologies are the 2 concept that would shape the way business are done in years to come.

System which can only present data to a sale reps on their computer screen seems naive these days. World is looking for systems which can find information while they are on the move.

Significant investment was seen from Oracle to make OCOD a mobile enable product. It looks the end result set as objective was a system that is not just informative and sensible but also responsive and pretty at the same time.

2 enhancements OCOD Disconnected Mobile Sales and OCOD Connected Mobile Sales are outcome of this very investment. Both being sales centric apps, provides access to data and ability to manage Contacts, Tasks, and Appointments with ease.

crm on demand mobile capabilities

RESTful APIs Support

Continuing the mobile enablement strategy, OCOD will soon be introduced to RESTful APIs to support mobile-based solutions. This feature, once introduced, doubles up the possibilities and increases the range of solutions that can be provided on the system.

Late last year, OCOD witnessed a similar groundbreaking release in the form of Javascript APIs. Almost a year passed and now it is evident to all how it has changed the way custom solutions are designed on this system.

It is not just the utilities this API brings in that make them groundbreaking but, the fact that they are low maintenance, cost-effective, and increase overall UX.

Social Integration

Less than half a decade ago there were times when businesses were looking for systems that could generate leads through their websites or enable customers to raise enquiries through them. The fact that it can be termed as a thing of the past shows the pace with which CRM as a concept has evolved. Today’s world is looking for systems which to generate leads from Social Networking Sites and Forums.

OCOD’s new integration abilities with Oracle Social Relation Management (SRM) are steps in the same direction. SRM in itself a matured product suite, has in-built features such as Social Engagement and Monitoring (SEM), Social Marketing (SM) and Oracle Social Network (OSN) is now couple with OCOD’s Marketing, Sales and Service capabilities. It already seems a potential winner in this space at the moment.

Report API

Today, it is hard to find any product that could challenge Oracle BI (Analytics and Reporting) tools for its potentials. Built on the same framework, OCOD Reporting tool will see another feather in its hat. Soon to released Report API allows reports to be executed offline and results can be scheduled and sent over an email.

This means sales manager would not have to log on to his OCOD to review the stats and track the progress of his team as it would be readily available to him every morning in his email client.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Ever since Oracle made Cloud Marketplace available, innovative products have been pouring down the alley. It is a great place to find business apps for Oracle cloud. This platform has opened up vast opportunities for stakeholder to showcase their ideas and solve complex business problem at the same time.

Recently, OCOD has found it ways into Marketplace and soon we will witness interested apps up there for our businesses to use.

One would agree that even without these enhancements, OCOD still is one of the most comprehensive CRM solutions available on Cloud today.  With further investments in pipeline, it doesn’t seem this decade old product is going to give up without a fight when put against heavy weights such as Oracle Sales Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud both put together.

About CRMIT Solutions:

CRMIT Solutions is a leader in transforming businesses with cloud-based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud.

oracle crm on demand

CRMIT Solutions has achieved Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN) Specialized status for Oracle CRM On Demand.

“This Specialization reinforces our capabilities, dedication, and commitment to Oracle CRM On Demand. Having completed over 100 customer implementations across numerous verticals using our CRM++ applications for CRM On Demand, we have been able to help bring business value to our customers. Our expertise has helped us become a virtual extension to the Oracle sales and technical teams” says Vinod Reddy, CEO, CRMIT Solutions.

CRMIT Solutions is committed to providing customers with the best service in the industry. Everything we do – every order, every delivery, every service, every offering – centers on the satisfaction of our customers and making them more efficient at what they do.

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Deepak Andeli
Business Consultant – Industry CRM & CX Solutions
CRMIT Solutions

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